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  1. I've always wanted to do this modification. But now winter is upon us and the fun stuff is coming out so I finally decided to give it a serious attempt. I picked up a faulty 350D on eBay for £15, tested it and found that the fault was nothing more than a dud battery. I ripped it apart and carefully dismantled the sensor. The coverglass came off very easily with a razor blade. Things were going well until without thinking I went to wipe some of the dust off the surface and hit a gold wire. Ok, so I gritted my teeth, picked up another sensor on eBay for £20...Only this time I cut the razer in ha
  2. Thanks Romeo, I'll start work on a new design. I think I'll make it simpler while I'm at it, maybe only 3 filter holes with shorter 'ears'.
  3. I've just finished designing this low profile filter 'wheel' for EOS cameras. I've never used a 3D printer before. It would be helpful if someone could take a look!
  4. I've landed a decent job with a broadcast hardware supplier in West London and I will be moving there at the end of the month. The chances of being able to get any decent shots in my free time however is looking 'dim'. I'm told the sky is so bright it can be hard to even make out planets...! Would moving to monochrome narrowband imaging be a workable option? If so, what filters would I require? Otherwise I'm just going to have to sell my kit and move on to armature radio astronomy or something.
  5. I recently posted a topic asking if opening a brick and mortar telescope shop was worth it. I had a lot of helpful feedback and the answer was a clear "No". Well I have another idea I'd like to run by you all - Renting telescope equipment. I think it's an area that is currently poorly served in the indistry. The few companies that offer such services have very limited ranges, and mostly consist if basic dobs. My unique selling point will be holidays - say you're traveling to Spain and would like to take some astrophotography images while you're there, but you're put off by the idea of lugging
  6. After finding it frustrating not having a telescope shop near by I have been putting together a proposal to open a shop myself. I'm going in at the deep end here, and I could use some advice! For a start I'm only 22, and I don't own a house, so getting a business loan is going to be blumming difficult. At least at any decent APR. Secondly I'll need a supplier or two, finding one for the UK is like panning for gold. Dose anyone out their own a telescope shop? If so, I am looking to for your wisdom! Regards, Alan.
  7. Well this is embarrassing. I must have typed up the wrong info. A recheck says that the actual time is Sunday, 12 May 2013, 19h 39m 32s
  8. I assumed the whole UK, but the image is based upon my location in South Wales.
  9. I've been doing some research using calsky and I found that a Falcon 9 rocket is due to transit the moon from the perspective of the UK on "May 1st, 20h39m37.08s" It should last about 40 seconds. I don't think anyone has imaged a Falcon 9 transit yet, but if the launch is on time then we should have a decent stab at it! Alan
  10. You'd be at the limit of the LXD75 with the 150p, the 200p is too heavy. Nether scope will function well for astrophotography unless they are mounted on a HEQ5 or better. If so the 200p is a superior scope.
  11. I've just picked up a h-alpha 35nm filter. I will be using it on an unmodified 550D (T2i). My question is what can I expect to get out of this? I live in a fairly light polluted area so I'm hoping that I'll be able to take much longer exposures of things like nebulae and galaxies without the images bleaching out. But I won't get my hopes up too high yet. Any input would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Alan.
  12. It's something that really confuses me. My HEQ5 pro has come with only a serial cable to connect the mount to a PC. Serial ports haven't been used for over 10 years now. It's disappointing that I have to go out and buy a USB adapter as if I'm trying to use some ancient hardware. It can'be be that hard for them to upgrade the mounts to include a simple USB port can it?
  13. Dose anyone around here hunt asteroids? If so - how, what, where? Cheers, Alan.
  14. I'm sure it was connected...Hmmm. I'm using a Orion star shoot autoguider with a HEQ5 pro. perhaps the ST4 cable is damaged.
  15. It was fairly clear last night so I went out and set up my imaging rig. It was my first time trying to auto guide with PHD and my HEQ5 so I'm probably missing something. I started up PHD, configured the refresh rate, got the camera focused and selected a guide star - but the PHD target icon was still grayed out, so I couldn't get the software to start guiding. I fallowed the "Important instructions" to the letter but the last step still wasn't possible. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Cheers, Alan
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