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    Astronomy, Amateur radio (Callsign G7VHJ), Flying radio controlled helicopters,planes and gliders, i also enjoy flying sports kites.
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    Lydney, Gloucestershire

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  1. And Mine, thanks Moonshane.
  2. That saved me asking the same question, i usually take mine inside for a few minutes and then start all over again. It affords about another half an hour before having to repeat the process.
  3. I also have the same scope with the motor drive, I agree with the comments about the star finder, even with the blackest of skies it is still un-usable. I take most of my lunar images Afocal and they always look better on the camera but a quick session with registax soon sorts it out. Very tempted by the Pier option as i find it a pain spending 20 minutes or so polar aligning every time i get it out. I also use a 3x barlow with modded webcam for some awesome lunar images. Good review.
  4. Fantastic obsy. It's given me some thoughts of getting on a building one, much to the wifes dismay. Regards pete
  5. thanks both but reading through another thread on here it seem that my particular scope suffers with prime focus issues. I had problems initially with a web cam but managed to get around it by getting the sensor closer to the focuser. regards pete.
  6. Just read through this thread as i am having problems with Prime focus on a celestron 130 eq and my sons olympus dslr. a quick question if i may, Does the 2 x Barlow get attached at the top or bottom of the camera adapter tube? It might be a silly question but one that i am not sure about. I have the t mount and adapter fitted to the camera with a short stub that fits into the focuser, all easy so far but I had trouble focusing on the moon last night. I understand that it is prime focus as it felt that if i had about 1 cm more movement on the focuser then focus would have been acheived. I then fitted the 20 mm erecting eyepiece into the scope and used the camera A focal just by placing the end of the stub upto the eyepiece in the scope and all worked ok. I don't really want to go down the a focal route and i do use a webcam with no issues, And really can't afford to be thinking of changing scope for a better set up for a while. regards Pete.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I do normally use a webcam but as i had the adapter i thought i would give it a go. A focal is something i have been playing with and achieving fairly good results. I am almost at the point of thinking that i should maybe go through a barlow lens to see if that improves things but then i would not get the full disk of the moon. Regards Pete.
  8. Thanks Allan but I'm not sure that will solve the focus issue. But will give it a go as i have pinched my sons camera for now and I know he will want it back!
  9. On A very similar note, I tried using a dlsr tonight with a t mount on an olympus e500. I can't get even close to focus, the t-mount is inserted fully into the scope and with the focusing rack all the way down I manage to get a very blurry view. i don't have live view so having to focus through camera eyepiece. Scope is also a celestron 130eqmd. it is as if I can't get the camera mirror close enough to the focuser rack. Any ideas please, and I'm happy to have pm's sent so I don't hi jack this thread. I tried using the camera A focal with no lens just the nose of the adapter and held against a 10 mm eyepiece the image was fantastic regards Pete.
  10. Welcome aboard Paul, your mention of clear skies has triggered a memory and I think i can remember them once or twice.
  11. g7vhj

    first attempts at stacking

    Very basic early moon shots
  12. Welcome to SLG There will be plenty of offers of advice on here and they are a friendly bunch.
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