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  1. i think it would be more like the program "falling skies" they wipe us out for our resources taking a leaf out of our history books. and i do think although it was a short term jfk was a good president and we would of made more advancements into space had he lived longer. governments arent bothered about the exploration of space im surprised the corporations behind them haven't tried to mine the moon yet and take all its resources. they probably thought people might notice but on a serious note its one of the problems i see if we did have the technology, say we find a planet with silver and iron, copper or any other useful material, the first thing on the governments mind would be to take it, we messed up our own planet well lets get started on this one. i think not only do we need to focus on space travel instead of weapons but also on our philosophy as the human race.
  2. the edge of the known universe or the UNIVERSE lol if its the edge of the UNIVERSE then surely nothing is out there because if there was (as brian cox would put it) "stuff" out there then it couldnt be the edge
  3. i just think one day if the governments stay as they are, when we eventually get the capability to travel and land on a moon or planet that could sustain us (eventually) big CORP and other figures will mine and ravage the land and would start to colonize the "world" as if it was owed to them. i like the word HARMONY..... ive been deleting and re-writing things for the last 10 minutes i think this says it best though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7criyE09uy0
  4. but if we were frozen, you haven't aged and you slept the whole way to your destination eventually waking up, lets even say the machine you sleep in exercises your muscles in stasis so when you wake up you can walk etc. remember this is all hypothetical! in the billions of galaxies and billions of stars/planets and rocks in those galaxies you dont believe there is somewhere more beautiful than earth? as much as i respect that i cant comprehend it as a valid reason to stay, our world is beautiful (bar the violence and corruption/man made elements that are negative) but it cant be the only one our relationship to our planet is amazing but its the only planet we (humans) have been to so there is no comparison, we are the right distance from our sun to create life, surely there are others in the same predicament possibly with dinosaurs or something completely different to our planets evolution. think of it as homes where the heart is and your taking a holiday. i love my home (sometimes i dont) its where my heart is and it made me who i am physically, mentally, biologically,this doesn't mean i dont think the north side of hawaii isnt beautiful or the geysers and lava fields on iceland arent amazing or the grand canyon isnt incredible. i love to travel and it like what they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder" i guess im just saying that its mind boggling that you wouldn't want to go any where else in my eyes it would be the same as staying in a small village in utah or dorset (or flintshire for me) and never going anywhere else. not meant in a bad way just my thoughts on the matter hope i didnt offend you!
  5. i did that when i first joined haha but as for the eden channel yeah i've been watching pretty much everything i can recorded 3-5 programs a day, just watched brian cox talking about LHC and trying to find evidence of the higgs particle. some great viewing on there this month.
  6. great and as the annual ticket for £13 is a bargain i definitely worth a look but its twice as far as jodrell bank so i might make a weekend/overnight of that one and see the sights or look for a camping sight where i can see the stars!
  7. thats a good point actually but the images we see from telescopes are magnified so if we got as close as that and not actually into the centre maybe that would look really cool, because you'd see the same image through the naked eye
  8. thats in a galaxy far far away but o.k. i'd like to go somewhere near to orion nebula or close enough to see betelgeuse go supernova and not go blind or die lol, but i dont know enough of the galaxy or universe to say many other places that would be cool to go, andromeda may have some beautiful planets to explore.
  9. well i take it fibre optics is out of the way then probably way too expensive but they can create comets and shooting stars etc probably be able to create a supernova and the birth of new stars
  10. in films like alien or prometheus there is some sort of cryogenic freezing so a humans can travel to distant planets without aging taken care buy guidance systems and androids. my question is if there were no malfunctions and you could travel anywhere in the known universe, to any star/planet or even asteroid and comet where would you like to go. or are you content with the view from earth?
  11. im sure if i wrote a check and it bounced while i was out there they wouldn't kick me out lol so im in seeing the earth from outer space would be amazing. id love to see the view from one of jupiters moons like titan i know its a bit hostile with all of the liquid gas but the view of jupiter would be amazing.
  12. cheers for all the great feedback, i'd i'll aim to go mid august then i can take a drive to jodrell bank this month
  13. may go after my birthday in about a week take my camera with me and i just remembered i havent been to jodrell bank since a kid i remember buying the horrible bag of space food thats not far from me either!
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