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  1. Yes, I have the flip mirror in situ. Order is as follows: Telescope back - f6.3 focal reducer screwed into rear cell of 'scope - flip mirror. No diagonal. Can't get enough back focus to focue EP on flip mirror. As EP is parfocal with camera focal plane - can't get focus on camera. Very frustrating. Read the Meade instructions carefully, and down at the bottom of these is a statement that some 'scopes may not be able to achieve focus with both a flip mirror and reducer in place - grrrrrrr. Can't think of a way around this. Tom
  2. Nice and sunny here too (makes a change). No observing tonight 'though, am off (with 2 friends) down to Ayr Astro Soc to hear a talk on debunking the Apollo 11 myths (ie never went to moon, all fake etc). Should be fun. Almost hope it is cloudy here tonight - as I can't listen to the talk and have the 'scope out at the same time - still, shouldn't be selfish - someone might want a clear dark sky near Glasgow. Tom
  3. Great image James. I tried to get a similar one last night using my Canon 350DSLR with a 300mm lens, piggy backed on my LX90. It was nowhere near as good - I need to try harder. Cheers Tom
  4. I find that the Rigel Quickfinder works really well on my "cheapy" 6" catadioptric Newt. The 6x30 finder on it is poor and the Quickfinder really helps me to get objects into the finder's field of view, then it is up through thje EPs to a reasonable magnification The Telrad is much larger (and more expensive) - but I have not used any of the simple "red dot" finders - I guess they work the same way. Cheers Tom
  5. Fantastic image Alan. Where were you? - not Leeds surely ! What was the focal length of the lens you were using? Cheers Tom
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback. Here are three more. Hope to send in more once the weather clears again. Also, there was a useful link from Rog in the "Learning Zone" about bloated star images - I need to go and read it. Tom
  7. Okay - here goes. Reduced the size of the image file - so it should go. WARNING - BEGINNERS ATTEM PT - DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY. The image of M42 was taken at prime focus on my LX90, using a Canon 350DSLR, with an 87 sec exposure time. It is really pushing the LX90 drive to its limits - at least, I think it is ??? Some sign of star trailing, but perhaps okay for starters. Tom
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. Just one problem - I stuck my head above the parapet about getting interested in imaging - now it can get shot off. Hmm......... Okay, here is one of my "beginners attempts" - let me know what you think - constructive criticism can only be helpful. OOPs - file was too large and wouldn't go :shock: I guess I will need to see how to post this. Cheers Tom
  9. As a newcomer to imaging, I get confused easily. I have been taking images using a Canon 350DSLR at prime focus on my LX90 for a few weeks. I am both frustrated and pleased at the results. Getting sharp focus is SO HARD ! I recently got a flip mirror and all seemed simple. Then, getting ambitious, I splashed out on an f6.3 focal reducer - the idea being lower magnification and wider field. Seemed a reasonable idea to me. But, problem - I can't seem to reach focus with the focal reducer in place. I seem to remember reading about this being a "back focus" issue. Can anyone enlighten me? Would the problem be solved with an extension tube? Sorry for the stupid questions - but but I need some guidance here. :insects1: Confused of Glasgow
  10. Lovely piece of kit there, Rog. Now I know what I need to get for my 80mm semi apo (in the post - and can't wait to get it). The EQ6 should be so stable, you could swing on it ( or perhaps a cheerleader could) Tom
  11. I am a new member from rainy, cloudy Glasgow. It seems to be clear only about one night in ten, but recently the weather has improved and I am even getting some basic imaging done. Long may it continue. I use 3 viewing sites, one near Loch Lomond (too close to Glasgow for dark skies), one 45 miles to the south of Glasgow (darker skies, but a higher horizon to the north and east) and a very dark site about half way from Glasgow to the Border - this one lets me do 1 min exposures with no light pollution. I have an LX90, a Canon 350DSLR and 11x80 Helios binoculars. I will see if any of the images seem good enough to post. Dark skies, Tom
  12. A friend of mine has just bought a Revelaton 10. I should be able to compare it with my LX90 on the 3rd-4th March. I (and a few others) are off to a "dark skies weekend" up at Newtonmore. The air is so clear up there and with no cities or towns in many miles, the stars are so bright you can almost reach up and touch them. I expect the Dob to provide brighter, more contrasty views, but we will see how ease of use with the SCT offsets this. I guess the 'scope (s) you buy depend on what you want to look at. Anyway, t will be fun to play with them both, whatever Tom
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