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  1. Hi all, As you all no, tomorrow is the day of the Venus transit. I've come here for tips on making a mosaic of the sun. I would love a full disk image while Venus is moving across, but I only have a Coronado PST and a DMK21 camera. I need to use a 2x barlow to achieve focus at all, which makes the final image quite small. So to get a full-disk image, my only option is a mosaic. The problem is, there is too much variability in the focus and gain needed. If I leave it on auto, it gives me good result all around but then doesn't match up with other areas. Then, if I manage to get a good gain and
  2. I was able to find a shady spot to hide with my laptop while my telescope was in the sun today. Took 13Gb of video (though focus was still very difficult because the atmosphere was very turbulent. Nevertheless I should be able to get some nice images processed and organised into a mosaic of the whole disk. We will see and I'll post back with results.
  3. Hi all, This is the first image I have been able to process with my new DMK21. I used my PST and a 2x Celestron barlow. The focus was slightly off because I couldn't see my laptop screen clearly (I'll have to use an umbrella next time). What do you think about the colourisation? Any further tips would be appreciated also. Cheers, - Daniel
  4. Thanks Tim, That reminds me of another question I had. How does one actually make a colour image using a filter wheel?
  5. Done it! Just ordered a DMK 21AU618.AS, thanks all. I will get a filter wheel later on and use it for my planetary stuff too. I'll get back to you with some results when I get a clear day. Thanks - Daniel
  6. Yeah thanks Alexandra, I'm just trying to pick that now. I think I will go for a DMK. I actually won't get a chance to do proper planetary photography for another 6 months. So at the moment, solar photography is my priority. I can get a filter wheel later on. Thanks
  7. Yes this is true, the computer screen was hard to see, I'll have to use an umbrella next time too!
  8. Yeah I realise that, I was referring to using the DMK for planetary stuff (sorry, should have been more clear). I am completely sold that the DMK is the camera I want for solar imaging but I do also want to new camera for planetary stuff and I'd like that in colour. Cheers
  9. I suppose the grey-scale images aren't forever, I could easily get a filter wheel later on. I do however have the red, blue and light green filters that came with my Celestron eyepiece and filter kit. Would I be able to use those to get some colour? Cheers - Daniel
  10. Daniel_Reardon


    Coronado PST
  11. That would be fantastic but I want to use it for planetary imaging too. I don't think I'm ready to use a filter wheel. Is there a cheaper option? I have red, green and blue filters from a celestron eyepiece and filter kit, are they the right ones to combine to get a natural colour? Cheers, - Daniel
  12. Fantastic, thanks for the info! I was considering a DMK but I'd like to use it for the planets too, and I don't think I want to use (or buy) a filter wheel at this stage. - Daniel
  13. Hi all, I just got my PST and Skywatcher AZ3 mount. I quickly set it up and took some snaps with my neximage and celestron barlow (the one from the cheap eyepiece kit). Unfortunately there were some high level clouds which made it impossible to focus (combined with the point that it was hard to focus anyway). Despite this, I got 2 snaps of a couple of sunspots (below). I desaturated one of them which brought out a prominence. If anyone has some tips about getting better images I'd be glad to hear them. I think I will get an imaging source DBK (I've heard you can use them in the PST without a b
  14. haha that's okay, I found an Australian equivalent as a result! Now I can spend even more hours window shopping.
  15. Great, thanks for the info. How does the standalone guider compare with a scope/cam combination cost-wise?
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