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  1. i did not know that DSO would be in "black and white", on one hand i am a little disappointed, but that will not curb my enthusiasm to find them, but also now wants to take photos so i can see the colour... oh dear. One step at a time me thinks.. the star parties i will attend for sure. Thinking of getting a light pollution filter too, and the sky at night magazine has a lunar filter for free when you subscribe. My mission is to see everything i can see with this scope. then when that is done move up to an 8" or 10" and look at some photography type stuff.
  2. First of all i love this site.. any question is answered in a way i can understand so thank you all!! I love this Not too sure that the girlfriend agrees, but this is perfectly justified in my eyes. Loads of great advice and after pondering it for a while and a particular post I want to earn my new scope, so the next question how do i know 1) what i should be able to see with my scope in dark sky areas, and 2) from my back yard 2 i guess being the more important in my eyes. I see all these beautiful pictures of DSO and want to see for myself, i understand there will be no exact answers but
  3. They dont have any meetings in the summer... well no telescope sessions. =(
  4. I believe it is a 130p, i was brought second hand off ebay.
  5. I am new to the hobby (about 6 months in now) and have seen some really amazing things, but was really disappointed when i found M13 but it was just a smudge of light, and could not pick anything out. I have a skywatcher 130, how do i know what i can and cannot really see, i live in Worcester so there is light pollution so i will travel to malvern, which i a small town on a hill. Should i be looking for a different scope or some equipment to enhance things..... Cheers Chris
  6. i have seen Saturn, it was beautiful. but what sort of deep sky objects would i be seeing in my telescope (SW130).
  7. I am a total beginner at this astronomy stuff but when i found M13 i was really excited. It was just a smudge of light in the eye piece, i tried to focus, change up to a Barlow lens, increase the power of the eye piece but it was still just a smudge. I have a sky watcher 130. It was second hand but has recently been collimanised. I live in Worcester an have a limited view from my back garden, is it the street lights that are stopping me from seeing this. Ever since i had a problem with the spider (the screws had been rounded off) i have been worried that there i something else wrong. Advice
  8. may take a little look at this. i will be coming from Worcester, but i just want to get around people who know their stuff and can enhance my understanding and enjoyment of this new hobby i have
  9. i mean i am very new to this whole thing and imaging would mean i can share what i see with friends, when they are not around. just want everything so fast, i have seen a scp880 with mod on ebay.£30. may hold out for that.
  10. ok so i am looking for an spc 880 man they are hard to find
  11. yeh i can change all of that, so now i need to get a nose piece and remove the lens. do all lenses screw off? i have the covers off ect. could see the lens but could not see how to remove. as for the nose piece First Light Optics - 1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam Pro SPC900NC) would this do the trick.
  12. this is the settings i can see and change
  13. thanks for the info on sharpcap i can control exposure and gain but not gamma so good start, i am looking for a nose piece would this do the trick First Light Optics - 1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam Pro SPC900NC)
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