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  1. Thank you a lot !!!! I tried every hardware store on 50km range and make a lot of call around italy, I'm looked about whitworth, the second one men i'm asked tell me the screw have whitworth pitch. Unbelievably not even the Celestron italian importer provides these screws. The seller of the bars said that the screws on my cpc were strange! On the packages is written "C8 screws"!!! If I go to rome the Losmandy bar break his head!! Ciao
  2. Thank you very much, just ordered on ebay 10 screw UNC 1/4" and 10 screw UNC 3/8". I'is about one month i'm have a 80ed, guidecam, counterweight, wedge and everything to to start photography and i can not use them!!! In Italy is impossible to find inch pitch screw, i'm contacted a company to make for me but i'm have to buy 5000 screw!!!! More easy bay new losmandy bar!!! You save me!!! Ciao John
  3. I bought two Baader Losmandy dovetails for my cpc1100 and they arrived with the wrong screws, those for the c8! Is a month that I look for the screws to attach the dovetails, the original ones are too short, but in Italy I have not found the right screws with the British standard pitch, they sell screw only with millimeter pitch. Someone can tell me what kind of screw the cpc11 have? I would know so i can buy those on ebay. Thank you very much.
  4. Two days ago I got most of my guide and photography setup!! Came the wedge, a sw80ed as a guide and large field photos, the SC focal reducer and synguider! Rings and counterweights should arrive tomorrow, unfortunately Losmandy bars arrive until Monday. However, after having figured out how to adjust the wedge, tonight I tried to guide with synguider and c11 with the focal reducer. At 1760mm the setup autoguide perfectly!! I guided 45 min with 2 different stars, work like a charme and makes minimal adjustments!!! just waiting to mount the 80 and start to take photos!!! Ciao
  5. In Italy people speak extremely good about small OS Apo with Lomo lens. Is the dream of the rainy nights. I'm new in the association, and i have to learn for a while from this people, now i have to spent time with my cpc1100, i'm not thinking about use the fantastic setup in the observatory, is definitely not on my skills.
  6. The local astrophiles association I'm joint saturday have inside the observatory a Officina Stellare ProRC500, an apo refractor 152mm, an acromatic scope 120mm (i think) as guide, all frome OS and a SolarMax60. The mount are a 10Micron GM4000. They are very happy about the all the setup. All the photo you can see on the net about the RC500 are from this observatory, in Officina Stellare site and in TS site also. But i'm new on astronomy, i'm only put one eye in the apo and i can not evaluate the scope. Ciao
  7. I want buy a synguider and a synta 80ED as guidescope for my cpc11, my idea is to use the 80 to guide the c11 and the c11 to guide the 80 for large field. Someone has already tried to use a c11 (with reducer) or a c8 (not reduced) as guidescope with the synguider? I know the manual refers as maximun optimal focal lengt at 1200mm, but maybe it can operate at 1760mm to. The alternative would be to mount the 80ED and an acromatic guidescope as guide for large field photography, but i fear to overload the cpc mount. No one already try something like this? Ciao
  8. Thank you all for your very warm welcome!!! Tonight I went to the observatory, to subscribe to the local astrophiles association.
  9. Thanks a lot to all for your welcome!! Ciao, i live in the biggest valley of the Alps, we have some light pollution, mostly from back of the mountain on my south, from Padana valley (Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, etc.), the worst light polluted area in Europe. According with this map http://www.inquinamentoluminoso.it/cinzano/en/mapsitaly.html#briart my sky have a naked eye limiting magnitude of 5.5 But i'm new in Astronomy, everithing is a discovery and i'm lucky to not live in a big city. Ciao
  10. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. Yep:glasses1: I'm live on alps, I'm can not see sea, not even with telescope. But a mojito down a quite good sky is always welcome!! -EN mod off Ciao, vivo in Valtellina, e tu? -EN mode on Clear skies to all!!
  11. Hi, i'm John from Italy. I'm new to astronomy, i'm lurking about some months over internet and i'm understand about the english speaking forum are much better than italians, more people experimenting and testing, not only speaking about "this is better/not suitable, but i have not tried" I'm like this forum and all info i can find on here. Thanks to all, John. P.S. I'm sorry for my atrocious english!!!
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