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  1. +1 for the McMurdo. Like a duvet that you wear outside - genius!!
  2. If you have a good digital image of the subject internet Companies like Photobox offer large canvas prints of your chosen subject.
  3. I think that if the weather was better you may have seen more actual stargazing including targets for the night. It would have been prudent for the producers to have a back up of science talk and experiments to fill in with if the weather was poor - as it was. The skys are looking a little better for tonight so hopefully we will see a little more about observing.
  4. Check out Response alarms on their website. Wireless and very easy to install.
  5. Not sure about the part number you list but I have the Celestron MAK 127 on a goto mount which is very similar to the Skywatcher version. You cannot use the goto mount manually without power. With power you can slew the scope without using goto but although powered it does become tedious as the motors are not that fast. Because of this I decided to buy an AZ3 mount wich gives me the option to go manual although I haven't had much chance to use it because of the bad weather here. I would say that you should consider the goto very carefully before spending the money. The goto is great for quick and easy viewing of certain objects and tracks very well but as I had started with a manual scope I found out quickly that finding the object is at least 50% of the fun. Remember that these goto mounts eat batteries so an external power supply is a must. As already mentioned above the stock eyepieces are fine to begin with and not worth adding to or replacing until you get used to the hobby. Hope all this helps and good luck.
  6. :Envy: :Envy: I was talking to a mate at work about the Eden Channel and corrected him on the astron/astrol mistake minutes before I posted. I won't be showing him this thread. Mouth washed out.
  7. Hi All Just a heads up. The Eden Channel has a science month running at the moment which has some good astrology and cosmology programmes. Worth having a look at, after all there is nothing else to do at the moment!
  8. For Londoners It is worth remembering that the suburbs are only a short drive out of town. I live west of London and during non peak hours I can drive from Kings Cross to the M25 along the A40 in around 20-25mins. There are many places inside the M25 ring where good darker skys can be found. I live near Ruislip Woods and can see a distinct difference between the sky to my east where the glow is very noticable (towards London) and to my West where the sky begins to darken. If you wanted to drive another 15mins to the High Wycombe area the skys become even better.
  9. It's been an enforced summer break for all of us but being my first "astro" summer it has become apparent that it just doesn't get dark enough before bedtime for any serious observing. Oh well, off to the Greek Islands in July and plan to take the Travel Scope with me.
  10. Indeed and you also run the risk of attracting the local pack of foxes into your garden for a bit of foxey revenge.
  11. +1 for TLAO. After the scope it should be your next purchase. Not been mentoned but a lower power (higher value) eyepiece might be usefull, maybe a 20mm for wider viewing. Read all of the stickies or pinned items in this section and a lot of your questions will be answered.
  12. So this being my first summer of astronomy i still have the novelty effect during the day hoping for a clear night. The trouble with this time of year is that even on a clear night the sky never gets very dark, at least not before 1am which is not an option when you have to get up at 6.30 the following morning. So for the last few weeks i have just nipped outside for 20mins before bed and had a scan around with the bino's, kind of an astronomy nicotine patch.
  13. If you are considering that hat then i have to assume that you observe alone!! Seriously though looks like those bits will keep you nice and warm. Being a dog walker i'm pretty much kitted out for the outdoors and a decent pair of boots, and a hat are essential along with base layers and a down jacket.
  14. C'mon mods, surely this should be moved to the DIY section. When will the self build plans be available?
  15. With limited experience I can tell you it's all about patience and planning to start with. As previously said find your target on a star map or stellarium, these thing are free on the web. So now you know where Saturn is in the night sky and you know that your finder is in alignment with the main scope you should be able to locate it with your low power eyepiece - 25mm. Even with the 25mm you should be able to see the shape of the disk and rings when focussed. Now when you have that baby focussed and centered you can start to up the power a bit. You didn't mention having a higher power eyepiece but if you have anything with a lower value e.g. 10mm (lower value =higher power) swap it with the 25mm and you should have your wow moment. Again i'm sill a newbie but i'm guessing that you may have mistaken the star Spica for Saturn. Read all of the stickies or pinned items on the beginners section of this board and also try reading as many of the beginner posts and answers on here as you can. Good luck.
  16. I'm waiting to have a go at this one with the 127. I've only got the stock 25 and 10mm EP's though, will I struggle? Looks like a semi clear night in London tonight so maybe... I guess I'll have my answer
  17. ...when you post in "the lounge" and not the beginners section. And the definitive must be wishing the "summer" away and looking forward to dark evenings. That would be just crazy...wouldn't it?
  18. If you have it bad now just wait until winter!
  19. Hi Malc Thought so. I'm really pleased with mine and the goto does suit my short observing times but I do do miss "the hunt" and may get an AZ3 mount for it so when I can spend more than a couple of hours outside I can get into some manual observing. Re the North Face. Yes it is a great piece of kit. It has got a furry trim to the hood but both trim and hood are detatchable. I bought it a couple of years ago as I spend most of the winter weekends watching my daughter play Hockey and QPR at Loftus Road. I always feel the cold but never when in the McMurdo, it's like wearing a feather down quilt (which is what it is I suppose!). After getting into Astronomy around Xmas time it was worn during the winter months and I never felt that I needed to go inside to warm up. Go Outdoors is usually the best price (around £230), you may even get a better deal this time of year but be carefull if you are looking on e bay as there are a lot of fakes. Good luck Kev
  20. Hi Malc I read a few of your posts when buying my 127 so i'm surprised you are upgrading so soon as you sounded like you were a real fan. I take it there is nothing wrong with the 127 and that you just have the fever bad, real bad! Good luck with the new scope.
  21. I always struggled with a finder but things have become much easier with a red rot. They can be bought for around £25 so may be worth trying out.
  22. Again, thanks James. Question answered.
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