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  1. Thanks. Sky is very clear just now so fingers crossed t stays clear into darkness
  2. Its the 900mm. Its the first time I have used an EP as I was unhappy at the size of the image just using the webcam. MY previous attempts were not any better when not using an EP. My 2X barlow was poor quality, so I just tried out the 3X I bought at the weekend. I will try next with just the barlow and the webcam. Thanks again for your advice. Might buy a good quality 2X as well
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. For some reason I thought more frames the better so always set at 30fps (although astrocapture always ends up defaulting to 14-16 fps)...I will try lower next time. Also, yes focussing is a pain as when you touch it at such high magnification it takes a while to stop moving...I will look into a motorised focuser for sure I guess I just need more experience....and by the sound of it...more patience. Usually I just focus until I can see the bands then capture as I am always half expecting clouds to appear at some point Watch this space.....
  4. Maybe this one is better, but not much
  5. This is the best image I have had..I have Skywatcher 130M, modified Logitech Quickcam 4000 webcam, 10mm lens with 3X barlow, best 60% pf 1800 frames,......castrator, then autostakker2, Registax 6, Photoshop...... From the pic is it possible to tell my problem? I know that's a bit of a "hoe long is a bit of string" question, but I may be doing something obviously wrong? Collimation (I am sure its OK). Focussing? Dirty CCD? CCD not good enough...need to upgrade camera (looks like orange peel in high power, when out of focus...not sure if its lens of CCD), using software wrong? Here is final pic and below a still image to show what the webcam image looks like Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  6. ha ha , I know. I am still excited about it. I have a 2X barlow, but didn't get a very good image, couldnt focus it well. Maybe because it was window and it was magnifying the movement too much, or maybe its just a cheap lens (came with scope). Will try ti with barlow next time. thanks
  7. Thanks everyone Absolutely. I could just see the two main bands in the eyepiece, but it was very faint and just white. Its only after stacking that It revealed the colours etc. Oh dear!
  8. I modified one of the cameras which was £1.26 a few months back. Last night I managed to get a shot of Jupiter...not bad for my first time , for a camera that cost less than a double Cheeseburger (sorry I also posted in imaging section)
  9. Ok, its not very impressive but I have waited since I was 5 yrs old o get my very own picture of jupiter. I used an Asda webcam (£1.26 was the cost!!!) and 6 inch Newtonian. 1200 frames, stacked in registax. The moons have been slightly enhanced for visual purposes, as they almost disappeared during post-processing Don't laugh, I am waiting for a modified Touchcam 4000 to arrive and will maybe improve cameras further after that, but for a camera less than the cost of a double cheeseburger...I am quite impressed....not bad for 640x480 resolution. Anyway, I am happy, and I am sure I can only improve..pity my RA drive has broken tonight
  10. Was looking forward to going out tonight after doing my first webcam observation last night and getting my first ever picture of Jupiter (still smiling) Anyway, the drive ran out of batteries (I presumed), bu I replaced batteries with fresh ones. The power supply is pushing out 6.7 volts. BUT as soon as I plug the motor cable from the power supply to the motor....the power light briefly flashes red , then goes off, and the drive doesn't work. Sounds like the drive unit is faulty rather than the power supply. any ideas what might be wrong or if I can fix by dismantling (i like dismantling things). thanks in advance. Its made me sad that I cant do a decent webcam of Jupiter without the drive as it moves too fast
  11. haha, glad I am not the only one. It probably helps that my walls are white, but other than adding some false colour, and making the white walls black, the detail is exactly what could be seen. I was very happy !
  12. Bought two of these tonight for £1.46 each. Modded one and attached to an adapter.....its been cloudy ever since ...can't wait to try it out
  13. Thanks for the comments. You can count on me to do something wrong haha, but as above, at least I wasn't daft enough to use my eyes. yeah, got the baader film of Amazon for £20. Just off to hunt for a good quality 10mm eyepiece now Here's a question, with the baader film in place (either full aperture or with 2 inch hole), is it still unsafe to look through eyepiece of DSLR attached to the telescope..with eyes? It was my Skywatcher 130, 25mm eyepiece
  14. well, using my telescope. I ordered some baader film but its not arrived and I got impatient, just wanted to see what the sun was like through scope. Please bear in mind, therefore, that this was a photo taken of the image projected straight onto my bedroom wall, so its not going to be amazing. And for those who fancy a quick pic with their DSLR and no protection film, this is what has happened to my hardly used 10mm lens......the 25mm i used for the pic above didn't have much plastic in it and also had a light pollution filter still attached...the 10mm had nothing. I first smelled burning...then smoke coming from the tube! Oh, well, I was going to buy a better quality one anyway
  15. Simply awesome pictures. Thanks
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