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  1. There are 3 or 4 scheduled online classrooms (text-based) for each module but the chatrooms are always open for students to organise their own sessions if desired. The class forum is where most of the interaction takes place. There are also some facebook groups where a lot of the students socialise and sometimes talk about aspects of the course. As for the reading list - Universe is a very helpful and Norton is great too (even if for your own observational astronomy). The others aren't really essential
  2. Hi Rae, You will likely be given access to course materials around the 2nd week of October. All course materials are provides in PDF format from the elearn website and are not available by CD as far as I'm aware. I would definitely chase the state of your enrolment so you're not disappointed or given late access to elearn and the materials
  3. Have you paid the course fees and been fully enrolled?
  4. The courses usually start around the 10th October, but can be slightly different depending what modules you're doing. If the Intro to Astronomy modules is run by Mark Rushton again, you'll find he's very helpful and will answer any concerns you have throughout the course
  5. The Admin will accept you shortly - I wouldn't worry
  6. Hey guys, I did the certificates in Astronomy and Cosmology last year and looking to continue with more modules this year. Check out the sub-forum for UCLan students here: http://stargazerslounge.com/forum/180-study-group-uclan-astronomy/ Also check out my feedback on the modules I did here: If you're on Facebook too, you can join the groups we have set up. Search for AA1051 and AA1053 and click 'join'
  7. I took 2 initial modules in the 2012/13 intake. I'm planning on continuing on with another 2 in 2013/14. The amount of work might surprise you for a distance learning course. You should make sure you are able to dedicate about 200 hours per module. As the modules run during a 6 month period that equates to 7/8 hours per week per module. If you want to do well and get a decent mark, I would say that would be a minimum commitment really. Having said that, the modules I did (Intro to Astronomy & Intro to Cosmology) were extremely rewarding. The tutors were extremely knowledgeable and active in research projects of their own which was very inspiring to hear about. The Maths/Physics content of the first 2 modules was at a high GCSE level I would say but definitely tripped some students up from time to time so I would brush up on algebra and trig if this was a concern. There is something to be said for the administration of the module but I hoping this will improve next year as they were getting used to a new system (elearn) for delivering the course materials and feedback etc. If you'd like anymore specific information about anything, let me know!
  8. I bought the Celestron C8-SGT and CG5-GT mount last year and have never had a good night's observing with it yet. I thought it was about time to put a question out the the experts! Occasionally when slewing to an object, the DEC drive fails to move, despite the noise it makes (as if the motor is running but the axis isn't moving). Other times the DEC drive works fine. Any ideas what the problem could be? I usually end up resorting to manually slewing the scope (which isn't an easy task with no fine tuning)
  9. If you get the same same tutor next year as this year (Mark Rushton) you shouldn't have a problem with the maths in introduction to Astronomy. He has helped a lot of people on this year's course to understand the maths elements etc. Check out the maths pack they provide. This should get you up to speed with the required maths: http://www.studyastronomy.com/uploads/files/mathspack.pdf Introduction to Cosmology is perhaps a little tougher on the maths side due to concepts such as geometries that you can't really visualise in your head. It's all good fun though!
  10. I'm doing introduction to Astronomy and introduction to Cosmology this year. I can say it's certainly a challenge doing 2 modules at once, but I guess it's due to being out of practice. The vast majority of your time is spent reading, so if you can just do half an hour to an hour at night, that will go a long way towards helping you tackle the assignments throughout the year. The course is fantastic and has become the focus of my (non-working) time - thoroughly enjoyable!
  11. I too would be interested in finding this out. I guess another chat with Barbara would reveal the answer to this
  12. The Study Astronomy site has been updated: http://www.studyastr...etail.php?id=31
  13. I am in the same situation as you (studying 2 modules). I believe they are used to people only doing one module. I'm sure that it will all be resolved before we start... On that note, does anyone know when we start?
  14. erm, isn't it Friday 7th September? Would love to get some nice solar shots like that when I can afford a cam!
  15. Just a quick note to anyone commencing (or continuing) study in Astronomy at UCLAN, there is now a sub forum just for us! Study Group - UCLAN Astronomy
  16. Woo! I got my acceptance emails through this morning, should receive induction and enrolment info shortly. So happy!
  17. Let's hope so. I've been offered a place and paid in full 3 weeks ago but not been enrolled yet!
  18. Cheers! Yeah, the peak district sounds like the place to head.
  19. Stoke is well within driving distance of some great dark sky areas such as the peak district and shropshire. I don't get the dark I need in my back garden unfortunately (my neighbour insists on leaving all the lights on in their house throughout the night and street lights cause problems too!) So, my question is: Where are some great observing spots within a short drive from Stoke-on-Trent? I was wondering if anyone had done observing from Apedale country park (I believe you can access the park 24hrs) as it is nice and high up and quite close to where I live. There is certainly some light pollution, but there are no houses within 1/2 a mile of the carpark Perhaps also Mow Cop? Again quite high up, but hard to get away from headlights from the road that leads up Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure others would love hear of any places you know of too!
  20. I believe that they are identical, just different names for different markets. I was looking at the 550D, which is named T2i in the US. The specs are identical though.
  21. Found another good site to do free courses: https://www.coursera.org I'm currently doing a course on Algoritms provided by Princeton University that they make available through Coursera and can vouch for the quality of the course and way they make the materials available. There is a discussion forum for each course, so you can bounce ideas off other people who are doing the course. Some astronomy based ones here: https://www.coursera.org/category/physical
  22. Just paid in full for the certificate in Astronomy and certificate in Cosmology at UCLAN. Can't wait to get started!!
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