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  1. Thanks David. Is a 7.5mm eyepiece better than a 15mm and a 2x barlow?
  2. I doubt i was very accurate. I'll try with the 9mm next time i do it. Sure i'll get better with some practice Do i need to align something with North? Could it be that i've not set the tracking up? I noticed that when i was looking at saturn i had to keep moving it back into veiw.
  3. It's a Celestron NexStar 127 SLT. Do you call it a mak 127 for short?
  4. I leveled the mount using the onboard spirit level and I aligned the telescope with Castor, Pollux and Mars ok. I tried to look at a few M objects but couldn't really make much out. But when i used the GoTo system to go back to Mars it was quite a way off. Have i missed something or not set it up correctly?
  5. Mainly a west view but moved a little and had a good south view. Venus, mars and saturn, not bad for my first night Would like to see saturn a bit bigger. Guessing i need to replace the standard 9mm ep and get a decent one and a good barlow?
  6. If it was venus then that is so cool It was the first object that was visable as it started to get dark. Pointed the smartphone in that direction and the app told me what it was, i guess it wasn't to accurate. Real chuffed that i got a look at venus before it dipped below the horizon. Thanks for the info, made my night already lol.
  7. New scope arrived a few days ago and got it set up outside ready. Just had a quick look at Alhena through it. Expected to see a round white ball but i see what looks like a small crescent moon, Is there something eclipsing it? Also i had a very very quick 5 mins with it last night and while just seeing what i could actually see i noticed a few white dots flying through my field of view, are these satellites?
  8. My poor experience with them was 2012 so in 2 1/2 years they've not improved the customer service much. They seem to get very mixed reviews so i guess it's a real "Buyer beware" company lol.
  9. I wouldn't use them again. Ordered a telescope from them a month or so ago, it was £30 more than most other suppliers but was advertised as in stock for imediate despatch where everywhere else was out of stock. They charged my card straight away so i expected delivery in a few days. No such luck, after a week i e-mailed but got no reply, so phoned and got told it was out of stock and wouldn't be available for about 2 month. After cancelling the order i still had to e-mail to remind them to give me a refund. I noted that after i cancelled the order they changed the telescope status to out of stock. With customer service like that i've deleted them from my favourites and will never use them again. Might of been a different matter if they'd mailed me to tell me it was going to be a few month before i recieved my order but to just take my money and leave me to wait is inexcuseable. Placed my order with FLO, at least they explained the situation so i know what to expect lol.
  10. Not heard of fine tuning rings. I think i need to stop window shopping, at least till i've actually got some hardware, i keep seeing things and thinking "hmm that looks useful"
  11. Not available on my old nokia, i need to get a new mobile lol, glad i can upgrade next month
  12. Just had a read of the EP sticky. So if i get 4 ep's ( in the range of 7.5mm, 12.5mm, 20mm & 30mm ) then that should be more than enough to cover most situations. Now i guess if i have 4 then i'm not going to be using all 4 equally? Am i more likely to be using 2 of them more than the other 2? Or is it all down to everyones personal choice? I'm quite open to paying more for better quality if it's going to be used more than the others. So it's a case of do i get 4x gso/vixen and work out which 2 i use most and upgrade to better quality, or get 2x value for money and 2x expensive but quality ep's?
  13. My biggest problem Malc is that i live on my own, so nobody to tell me i can't buy what i want lol. Might as well enjoy it while i can So what brands of eyepieces do you recommend? without going into £100's..
  14. Thanks for the link Malc, looks like a bargain, i take it the powertank will last for quite a few hours of use? How does it connect to the scope? Will go pick one up at weekend Got no problem buying a dew shield so i'll have a look for the one you mention Ant, is it required all year round or is it mainly a cold night problem? Sorry if that sounds a bit of a stupid question but thought it better to ask than not ask lol.
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