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  1. Great shot, I really like that one. WELL DONE!
  2. Fab here, clear warm and still. Cheeky half an hour with Saturn sat out in shorts and t-shirt! Wanna stay out all night but early start
  3. A second hand one that used to be £300........? Always worth poking around for the odd bargain!
  4. BRILLIANT! Could do with some of that luck on tonights lotto! Spend it wisely
  5. Not looking good on south coast (central), HUGE swaith of rain heading in from Norther France Shame as still mild outside, would have been a perfect evening in the garden!
  6. I'll be happy one day to get anywhere near that! Lovely image
  7. What an awe inspiring image! WOW
  8. Great advice that has always stood me in good stead is of course 'if it looks too good to be true, it probably is....' Tread with caution. I'd rather pay more for complete piece of mind and after sales support.
  9. I am officially......'CRACKED UP'! Note to self....send more sarcastic emails!:D:D:D
  10. I have 32 GSO....love it. Great for a general wander around the sky. Nice, clear wide veiws and when something catches my eye I move down to the 25, then 10!
  11. Just looked at satellite (infra-red), seems last of cloud just passing over the isle of wight, fingers crossed for complete vision by 11pm
  12. Bits of odd cloud floating around, very high and light but getting right in my way! Grrrrr.....
  13. Dew sheild on and scope cooling, ice box ready for beer Lovely outside, not a breath of wind, nice cheeky dusk view of Venus, well whats left of it anyway! I'm suddenly quietly confident of a long and gentle nights viewing.
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