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  1. Annoying high level cloud has ruined my night! :-(

  2. Hi, Anyone know of a T mount to fit my Panasonic Lumix GX1 onto my scope, I have the T adapter but have just been quoted £50 for a t mount!!! I am sure you can get them cheaper than that.
  3. Thanks thats a really big help, will defo give it a go.
  4. Am hoping to get some shots of the moon and planets to start off with but was hoping to get some deep sky objects later on once I get to grips with it.
  5. Hi, I am looking for a ccd camera for my Celestron Nexstar 4SE I have been looking at the Celestron NexImage and was wondering if this was any good. The reason I have been looking at it is its in my price range (around £130) Is this any good or can anyone recommend something better? Thanks for any help
  6. Just thought I would say hi to everyone on here, I have recently got into astronomy and purchased my first ever scope (nexstar 4se) am hoping to get a ccd camera for it soon as I am a keen photographer also so am looking forward to posting some images on here soon.
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