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  1. I'm not sure I'll have a look, would be handy if it did
  2. thankyou Ronin, I'll give it a go, I was wondering about an initial start position as I'm struggling to see how the mount can track without any start position or reference stars.
  3. I'm really excited about the transit on the 9th, I've done plenty of solar imaging with my SE but have never set the mount up to track, any idiot guides about for solar tracking?
  4. I usually do but tonight i'm taking the scope to my daughters school for a stargazing night and had to reset it so just setting it back up now and wondered if it would be accurate enough?
  5. I've just reset my nexstar mount and was flicking through the pre-installed cities, Leeds is the nearest to me at 40 miles away, will this still be ok?
  6. I was just testing the new power pack last night, the event is tonight. The school is only 10 miles away so shouldn't need to change the location but I'll try a reset and re-enter all the data. It's typical it's done it the night before I'm taking it out to an event! Although looking at the weather a dodgy mount might be the least of my worries
  7. Yeah I'll reset it tonight and see if that works like jambouk said I can just slew manually for tonight if it won't play nicely
  8. I've never started the alignment process with it pointing North, seems very odd. I thought maybe a strange voltage from the power pack might cause some strange issue but I've ruled that out with trying it on mains power with the same results. It's not temporary loss of power, I had that originally with the dodgy jacks they supply but when that happens you lose all alignment and have to start again.
  9. I've had my 8SE a few months now and have so far been very happy using the 3 star alignment (only a handful of times I've had to do it twice and that was down to me rushing). My daughters school are having a stargazing event tonight and have asked parents to bring telescopes, so I've been and bought a maplin 'power tank' (jump starter) and thought i had better test it, so out I went last night. I went through the 3 star align as per normal with success, I put in Jupiter and the scope went 180 degrees out? It looked like the elevation was correct but but the scope was pointing North instead of
  10. I have an old cannon 350d I might get the t-ring and adapter for and give that a go.
  11. Can I ask what camera you use?I have an 8se and only recently for the first time saw M42 which looked beautiful through the scope. I have a phillips 900 webcam and was wondering if this would be able to capture it at all?
  12. Sorted finally! I had to remove all the drivers and software for the integrated webcam, not just disable it in control panel.
  13. Has anyone got any experience with these zoom eyepieces?Are they any good or a bit of a gimic?I'd be using it on an 8SE
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