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  1. Well, I'm definitely doing something wrong. Could be the time, or maybe I've messed up the Long / Lat. Either way, the three-point Skyalign said it had worked and then was most certainly not pointing at what it said it was. I shall go back to basics tomorrow - thank you for the correction about the time, Helen. However, by luck or by judgement, we found Saturn. Wow... I've seen countless pictures of it, but to see it with your own eyes (sort of) - and as clear as a bell - is mind boggling. I can see why people get hooked on this! Boo
  2. Many thanks for all the replies. I shall persevere with the finderscope, and dig out the screwdriver if necessary. Cheers, gkec, for the comment about the time. Looks like we'll have clear skies tonight, so I shall have another crack. If I've understood correctly, then, assuming a setup time of 10pm (BST), I'll need to : Set time to Universal, which equates to GMT. Set clock to 21:00 (as 10pm BST = 9pm GMT). Select Daylight Savings. Thanks again, one and all. Boo
  3. Hello! Another newbie here with some telescope related questions. It's entirely possible that these have been answered elsewhere on the site, but given that we're on holiday in the wilds of deepest Cornwall, with no wi-fi, and an iPad that's clinging on to the last scraps of a 3G signal (I'm standing outside waving it about in order to post this), I'm hoping you'll forgive me if I just plough on and ask my dumb questions. A bit of background. Yes, we should have done a pile of research before going ahead and spending our hard earned cash, but after two years of talking about buying something, my wife and I had a moment of madness, took a trip to a Telescope shop in Dorking (not sure if it's the done thing to name names or not, but a) I'm sure most people can figure out where it is, and I've got nothing but praise for them anyway) and after a long chat, came out having ordered a Celestron NexStar 6SE. It duly arrived a couple of weeks later, we unpacked it, we stared at it uncomprehendingly and packed it away again. We watched a few 'setup' videos on Youtube and then a few days after that, packed it in the car to go on holiday to Cornwall, where we knew dark skies awaited. Which is where we are now. We'd figure it out in two weeks? Right? Hmmm. First up - finderscope. Now I have found a couple of things related to this, and they all seem to suggest aligning it on a distant telegraph pole or similar. I've tried this, and there is absolutely no way that there's enough adustment in the finderscope to allow this. And I'm not surprised. If we assume that the nearest thing we're going to look at is the moon, which is what, quarter of a million miles away? Then in that case, the telescope and the finderscope will be near as dammit parallel. To try and align it on something three miles away will be like trying to get both of your eyes to stare at something halfway up your nose. Simple geometry says it's too close. For now, we're managing without it, and as soon as the moon puts in an appearance, I shall use that to align it. If I've made some ridiculous newbie error by assuming something incorrectly (as my Mother-In-Law says, to assume just makes an ass out of u and me), then please dive in and correct me! Secondly (and this is going to sound dumb, but hear me out), I'm not sure if I'm setting the time correctly. My reasoning goes like this. It's currently summer in the UK, so we're on BST. The Celestron doesn't have either GMT or BST, but does have something called Universal Time. I'm assuming (sorry!), that Universal Time = GMT. Now, let's say it's 10pm BST, and I'm setting up the scope. I put the time in as Universal Time. I put the time in as 22:00 I accepted / pressed enter for Daylight Savings. My thinking was 'I've said it's 10pm, and I've said that it's Daylight Savings, so the scope will know that it's really 9pm Universal Time.' After that, I thought 'Maybe, if I've said that it's Universal time (which is GMT), I should have put the time in as 9pm, and then when I accepted Daylight Savings, the scope would know that it's really 10pm.' As you can see, I've managed to baffle myself completely. Anyway, we have another few days down here, and the skies have been fantastic, so if any of you fine people can help out a bumbling noob, then I'd be most grateful indeed. Thanks very much!
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