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  1. Thanks guys, I've ran it through Gradx after some advice! Looks a bit better now Vince
  2. You could of waited for Halloween before posting!! Looks excellent! Never seen this before! Vince
  3. Fantastic! High on my list of targets Vince
  4. Hi all, I got to use the Tak 106 at Seething again during the clear nights we had in Norfolk last week, spent a few hours in the bubble area doing LRGB because I'd only ever taken it before in narrowband. I was quite surprised at the results! In fact I've cut the red channel down a bit! This was an hour luminance and around 40 minutes each RGB, Tak 106FSQ and a 383. Hope it looks OK! Full sized image here http://www.bygrave.com/images_2011/NGC7635-LRGB.jpg Vince
  5. Hi Francis Looks like you're getting on with the camera nicely! Horsehead already! you must of been up late! Vince
  6. I got to take a 2nd image this year!! Waited since April for time and opportunity to take an image and it finally came the Sunday before last here in Norfolk! Using a Tak 106 FSQ and a 383l+ I managed to get 1 hour of luminance and 30 minutes RGB before my bed was calling! It's the best M31 that I've taken mainly because of the light pollution in Norwich stops me doing LRGB from home but our little observatory at Seething is just in the right place for it I plan to add a bit more data to it when time and weather allow to hopefully bring out more of the colours that I know are there but for no
  7. Hi I think I confused myself there for a moment! I should of said the screen stretch doesn't effect the data in the saved image, you still have the full dynamic range of the camera saved. The values of the applied screen stretch are stored in the Fits header for use by all programs (sorry been a long day!) If you want to send me a couple of Fits files I'll be happy to have a look. PM me and I'll send you the email address. Regards Vince
  8. Hi guys, I had a word with the boss! (Steve) and he reinforced what I told Freddie by PM earlier, the autostretch is just for the displayed image on the screen at the time of capture. None of the setting in the manual stretch or autostretch are saved with the image in Artemis capture. fatwoul have you tried using our Dawn software for processing? Hope this helps Vince
  9. What a stunning image excellent work! Vince
  10. Looks great Mark I said you be taking excellent images by Christmas! Vince
  11. Great detail and a very nice image Vince
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