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  1. Hi everyone. I packed away my gear back in august and decided that i wouldn't do anymore stargazing for awhile (due to strenuous demands for coursework!) Anyway, i took the dog out for a walk the other night across the fields, and on my return journey i saw ORION in all its glorious splendour (for me, orion is a constellation worth getting excited about) and the "itch" came back. So i laid out a plan, printed off some charts and drew up some worksheets, then waited for that truly awesome winter night. Well tonight was truly awesome (I counted 12 Pleides with just my eyes!) So plan all set, i went outside, setup my gear and started observing. However the evening did not go as planned. Once setup i decided i'd just have a quick look at the some messier objects before i'd start to take notes - 3 frozen hours later, i realised i was originally going to take some pictures, drawings, notes etc. So its late, i put away my gear and came back in frozen, content and happy with nothing to show. Bliss
  2. cheers scotastro, thats what i thought. interesting viewpoint on high magnification tho, ive always used a low power lens as i thought the object would appear brightest with these, however a high power lens does improve globulars so i agree it should be good for galaxies as well. ah well have to wait till next dark sky then :-)
  3. Hi all, haven't posted for a while as it is the end of the college year and the workload has been draining. Just a thought, there are a range of nebular filters now that are specific to the task. However i haven't yet seen a galaxy filter available, does this mean that they are not possible or am i not looking in the right place? Any help would be welcome :? Jonileth
  4. Jonileth

    Hi All,

    Hi Tony, welcome to SGL Jonileth
  5. i dunno about doin work, but i'd like to use one of these multi million pound scopes (like the ones at mauna kea) just to look at the sky. i'd like to see what they double double looks like through such a scope, maybe see what m13 or m42 or sod it the whole messier catalogue looks like. just observe, using a very big scope - bliss jonileth
  6. Just a thought on this, but would humans not have the technology to rapidly respond to an outbreak of an unknown disease? after all the technology needed to colonise a planet is beyond our abilities at the moment Jonileth
  7. godstone, if i remember correctly it quite dark there. was your get together any good? jonileth
  8. As far as i'm aware there is very little in the way of starparties/get togethers in this corner of the country anyone interested? post on this thread and we can discuss what to do next jonileth
  9. Hi nigel welcome to SGL:-)) in reply to your question, try having a look on ebay, you'll find some very respectable meade and celestron plossls on sale for very little money, and having brought from these dealers i can vouch for their reliability. the eyepieces won't offer you groundbreaking views, but their not complete howlers either. 30 - 40 quid will bag you a couple of decent enough eyepieces that will allow you time to get the feel for your hobby, before you make the decision to spend some serious money happy stargazing jonileth
  10. Good point, when i started this thread i believe that i must have been thinking about success at the end of the hunt. However i must admit that if the hunt continually ends in failure it can lead to feelings of annoyance/dispair with your equipment/skies. having read what others have posted on this subject, (feedback has been good, with alternating arguements and general comments) i feel that having goto is a bonus, at least you have the option of finding it yourself. however whatever your means of capturing the target, the important thing is that you enjoy the process, thanks for all your comments people, you've been a great help. Jonileth
  11. not really binoculars i know, but when the clouds patchy i sometimes take the finder of my telescope *8X50 multi coated and have a look with just this - i find this to be quite refreshing as the telescope in question requires a subscription to red bull to keep moving about the garden nearly 100lbs methinks Jonileth
  12. you've got quite a few options to work with on this budget (firstly how familiar r u with constellations? might be an idea to get yourself a set of bino whilst you are making a decision, for familiarisation!) i was working with a similar budget and my primary goal was a large dobsonian (this will give you the best aperture for your money) however ended up going for a tal 2m (has a smaller aperture than what i could have got with a dobsonian) but this telescope is ruggedly built, gives fine views and unlike "most" scopes of this price range, comes with decent accessories (the 25mm eyepiece is one of my best eyepieces!!!) you could also go for a skywatcher 5" refractor, ive heard that they give excellent planetary views!. do you want to buy used or brand new? this site has a couple of good scopes for sale, check the sales section of this forum. however do not buy a seben scope from ebay these scopes are bad news, i know . anyway good luck and welcome to astronomy Jonileth
  13. I did read (from another astronomy forum based in kent) that the council have slapped a lights out law on this greenhouse between 10pm - 4am but i'm not sure if this is true as i haven't found any other references to this text. might be something worth looking into tho Jonileth
  14. I tried this and got some lame A##E thread saying andromeda spiral is known as M31 because its 31 million light years away WTF? i guess they haven't heard of messiers catalogue their then? :scratch: Jonileth
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