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  1. For Christmas my father-in-law gave me his old 4" Newtonian and i must say its a huge improvement over my binoculars. The last 2 nights i pointed it at Jupiter and discovered when using the higher power eye pieces the image was harder to focus and moved across the eyepiece rapidly (with the highest power it took less then 2 minutes to move across the FOV). Is this normal or something I need to address?
  2. I have been keeping a log fr the last few years. I take basic notes int he field then type it all up using Obervation Manager (http://observation.sourceforge.net).
  3. Sorry, title should have been "Similar objective, dimmer image" Spell check messed it up. Jedite83
  4. I have been using a pair of 7x35's for a while (have had them sense I was a kid) and just got a pair of Celestron Upclose G2 16x62. I took them out tonight and was looking at Jupiter, Orion and M-45 and while I liked that the image was bigger it seemed dimmer. Dose the additional magnification affect the brightness, or is it the slight size difference. Thanks, Jedite83
  5. I made several observations og jupiter last night. the earler ones (before 6:48 universal time) showed 3 moons and no 'notch'. LAter ones (at around 6:48 universal time) showed 3 moons and the 'notch'. Things like this make me relise I need to keep beter track of times. Thanks! Jedite83
  6. I was observing Jupiter through a pair of binoculare (Jason model 1117. 7x35) and was able to make out 3 of the moons (a first sighting for me) and noticed there was a dark 'notch' in the disk of Jupiter. As I understand it my bins are to small to make out any details, so is it possable I was seeing Io passing infront of the planet? Thanks, Jedite83
  7. I was outside earlier inspecting Scorpio with a pair of 7x35 Bins. I think I mingh of seen M7. It was very dim when viewed with averted vision but looked like a cluster. To faint / virtually invisible to make out any kind of detail with direct vision. Where I live has quite a bit of light pollution (a 6 or 7 on the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale). Could M& be visible under these conditions, ir did I see something else? Thanks, Jedite83
  8. Thanks for the replys. Looks like I'll keep with the logging system I have been using: hand written notes in the field (I have been using a 3 ring notebook) and transferring them to PC (I have been using http://sourceforge.net/projects/observation/?source=directory) to make sorting and sharing data easier. I'll have to work out some way to store them in my small apartment. Thanks!
  9. I am looking for a way to keep long term records of my stargazing. I have been handwriting my logs, using a template from www.homebuiltastronomy.com, however I would prefer a electronic system. Any advice? Jedite83
  10. I plan to get a pair of binoculars when I am able to afford a decent pair. Jedite83
  11. Hello, I am 'Jedite83' and I hail from Palm Bay Florida. I was into stargazing when I was a kid but lost interest in it as a teenager. Now 28 I am getting back into it. I remember as a kid going on a trip to eastern Washington state. It's mostly desert out there and at night it gets increasingly dark out there. I was also lucky to live out 'in the country' where they sky was also fairly dark. I currently have no equipment and for the time being I don't expect that to change.
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