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  1. What a beauty I sometimes wish I had that extra 2"
  2. I grabbed two Naglers second hand. The Panoptic is my favorite EP, but the 11mm Nagler is the one that gets the most use of all of them. The 3.5 is a great planetary EP, but the skies can't take it much of the time.
  3. Nice one! Always good to hear of a good session despite the LP. I had a great little session with a friend. It was lovely not to be in coats and hats for once! We looked at Saturn, M13 and the ring with and without a cheap LP filter. This filter didn't really help, but it looked nice regardless. The seeing was good, and considering my garden is heavily light-polluted, everything looked wonderful; especially M13 and Saturn. I'd like to get to a dark sky soon and have another look at fainter objects like the ring. We also had a lovely naked eye view of an eerie ISS fairly low in the sky, and tri
  4. I'm still searching for something that will fit my 41mm Panoptic I think I'm either going to have to put something together myself out of laminated card, or find somebody with a 3D printer who can make one for me. I don't know how much TV charge for replacement caps, but it's going to be overpriced and it seems ridiculous to have to order this tiny item from the states!
  5. I like to play this sound while I track the ISS in my Dob.
  6. I think this is pretty old as I have the Blu-Ray. It's good fun though. He really lets his imagination rip in this series, so don't expect it to be too serious. The music is a bit cheesy, but it's a good ride.
  7. The moon! It was the first thing I saw through my scope. I aligned the scope to its red dot finder in the twilight and then went straight to a high half-moon. I just couldn't believe the detail! Still can't
  8. They evidently have their fans, but as a glasses wearer I've found collimating with a cheshire to be a horrible experience. In my opinion it is far easier to get the secondary square on the focuser with a coli cap and coloured card, as this will not wobble about like a cheshire will, your eye is closer too the secondary and you have more light to work with. I've found that the secondary only moves off the focuser if it gets a big knock, but I check it with the coli cap every so often anyway. I've had to adjust it a minuscule amount twice in a year. I'm horribly [removed word] about things like
  9. I've got the Hotech and it performs brilliantly. It's extremely well built and, although it has collimation screws, does not seem to need collimating itself, unlike some cheaper lasers which I've heard can be a pain.. I'm eternally grateful to Hotech that I never have to give myself a headache squinting down a cheshire again!
  10. This is interesting, because the reason I bought a telescope is because I wanted to see the 'real thing', and not flat pictures on screens, in books, et al. After a year and a bit of purely visual, I'm now thinking of making my own pictures so it goes both ways I suppose I don't think anything will beat the sense of depth, and the overall profundity of looking through the EP though. The difference a good EP makes is large too. I would suggest the OP gets some really nice ones, or at least has a look though some at star parties. Comparing my bog standard EPs to my TeleVue pieces is a joke fra
  11. You'll get some great views through that I'll wager!
  12. Wow - just read this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orion_Correlation_Theory What a load of utter [insert extraordinarily rude word here] I wouldn't bother having a telephone conversation with this person. Dippy people with no critical thinking skills will believe what they want to. You won't convince them otherwise, and there is nothing more stressful than arguing with the wilfully stupid. Nobody worth talking to about astronomy will hold these bonkers beliefs, so my advice is just cease communication and save your time energy and breath.
  13. I like Jon Culshaw, but agree with those who say his presenting voice sounds 'put-on'. It brings a disingenuous air to everything he does. I have no idea why he does it; but it is rather irritating; especially when the content of what he is saying is fine. Brian May would be a far better bet, but it seems that he's not into the idea of being on the show most weeks. I'm sure he'll still pop up occasionally. I'll continue to watch the show, but probably still cringe a bit when 'the voice' appears.
  14. I got my 41mm Pano on the bay and had to pay import duty from the states. Still saved £100 on it though
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