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  1. Wow! That is an amazing shot. Galaxy shots always amaze me the most.
  2. Beautiful shots! Loving the special version.
  3. Very nice shot! Just shows you how much is actually out there.
  4. I also managed to spot 3 last night. Really looking forward to the 12th, just hope it stays clear.
  5. I'd love to start observing the Sun and these shots make me want to do it more and more! The filters are quite expensive though.
  6. Nothing again last night. I really did think we'd manage to see something. It was a beautifully clear night but again no sign of the aurora.
  7. Wow! Very nice indeed. There's some great Jupiter shots on here lately.
  8. Yeah I was also up til late last night and saw absolutely no aurora, however I did spot quite a large meteor so it wasn't all bad. BBC are saying it is "possible but unlikely" that we will see anything tonight.
  9. I keep my mount separate and my OTA in an old suitcase with extra padding. The only trouble is that it takes a little longer to setup.
  10. Saw a piece on Sky News yesterday about it, a guy on there was saying satellite dishes, mobile phone networks and aircraft navigation systems may be affected. He said to keep looking towards the North last night and tonight however I haven't seen anything but clouds so far!
  11. If that was my first shot I'd be chuffed!
  12. Beautiful colours in that shot! Congrats.
  13. Thanks very much for posting. I spotted one of those on ebay a few weeks back and couldn't decide whether to give it a go. I think I'll pass now!
  14. Ahh right, maybe I did see them then! I have read a few times not to expect much more than a fuzzy grey patch.
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