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  1. Secondary, so 11-18. The usual warnings not to look directly at the sun drummed into them by the science teachers. I had attached securely and then gaffer taped as a precaution the filters into place, also each instrument had a member of staff watching over it. All in all the students were very well behaved.
  2. HAHA yes, actually they were students and I did not want their faces in the photo, so asked them to turn around
  3. Here is a picture I put together of our school event. Went very well with only a few clouds during the first stage. We had 50 pairs of solar glasses, the school telescope (little one on the right NexStar 4SE), my Meade Lightbridge and 8" SCT, 25x70 binos and camera. All filtered thanks to FLO About 300 students came to see at various stages and loved it!
  4. They do look nice, I bought the 235mm AstroZap one from FLO, it said waiting time 20-25 days but it arrived in 3! http://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/astrozap-baader-solar-filter.html Now just need the clouds to stay away on the 20th
  5. They are security lights, spoiling their neighbours evening in the back garden
  6. Could not agree more, went there last February for an astronomy break and breathtaking scenery for during the day too
  7. Not good pics, but clearly visible supernova. Photo 1 taken 27-12-2013, photo 2 taken 25-1-2014. Photo 1 Photo 2
  8. LOL yes didn't think of that, its just fed up with all the cloud
  9. Crashing here too on an S3 Mini, been fine until a couple of days ago. Loads then crashes while trying to retrieve weather data.
  10. Crashing for me too, Galaxy S3 Mini, crashes when trying to download the weather data. Started yesterday, fine up until then.
  11. 12 part series of short astronomy videos voiced by David Mitchell
  12. Forecast here was for 24 hour clear sky. That is not what we have! oh well, just looked at forecast and now it says cloud till midnight, then clear until midday so will set the alarm for 3 and see whats happening
  13. Well done, we managed to see it thanks to Murray and Tony at Astro Adventures in Devon. We had planned to have a hunt for it but it was cloudy, but got a knock on the door from Tony at 9.30 to say they had found it. Yes the cloud had cleared and what a sight. Moved faster through the eye piece than I expected!
  14. We saw it through the 1/2 metre dob at Astro Adventures in Devon, fabulous and it was the last day of our holiday there too, made the week
  15. Maybe someone should point the owner at this forum to find out what people are thinking...
  16. Apparently you can roughly half the weight that things weigh on Earth, so it would be an eighth pounder ROFL, yes get your coat!
  17. Very nice, looks much nicer than mine, nicely processed. I will have a play with mine in PS
  18. Thanks, yes find it hard to get motivated in the Summer, I still lurk though Getting darker much earlier now, would have gone to a dark site last night if it wasn't for the Moon. Lets hope for more clear skies. Jon
  19. Little adjustment of contrast and sharpness.
  20. First go at the moon Cannon 1100d 4 images put together using AutoStitch. Meade LXD55 8" SCT Full Resolution Image
  21. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/03/0307_030307_impactcrater.html I am with LukeSkywatcher on that 1
  22. Added this to Stallarium, looks very promising, though at its brightest (mag -8 ish) its going to be very close to the Sun and not observable. Still should be a show though, Hale Bopp was my last decent one
  23. Didn't notice anything to the south, Sagittarius was awsome. There was bit of glow eastwards, but it didn't affect the views.
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