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  1. Extraordinary image - all the more remarkable being 1 sub - lovely.
  2. Hi Russell - plucking up the courage to buy a new mount- looking at the HEQ5 so mount less at the mo! And yes down here on the South Coast it is eternally cloudy.......or so it seems! ( might order the mount today - been looking for s/h but the prices asked you might as well buy new!).
  3. I am looking for a S/H HEQ5 to complete my new imaging setup.
  4. That is really nice and I agree with you on how nice this wide field view looks- excellent IMHO
  5. Without damage to the thread!
  6. All done - cloudy last night so no chance to try out but Russell your PHD S/S looks good! Thanks for all your help. Took a while to remove old lens but by drilling 0.5 mm at a time I managed to get it thin enough to prise out with damage to the thread - the glue must have copiously applied!
  7. Mike - do a search on this forum - there is a huge thread on the X box cam-all you will ever need to know and some!
  8. Thanks Russell-just trying to remove the glue on the lens holder so I can unscrew the old lens out of the holder so I can screw in the adaptor- other than that all done. I am leaving the slot where the base was open to allow air to circulate better. Thanks for your help. Will be interested to see what this camera an do for guiding as well as imaging!
  9. Still putting the imaging kit together! Will use it on a ST80 and compare to ED80 when I can next get a view of the moon!
  10. Hi Russell -any chance of a photo of yours?
  11. Hi Russell - absolutely fantastic response - thanks for that. I have to say the picture is very good which makes me think it a very worthwhile camera to use. thanks
  12. Thanks guys that is most helpful. I will start ringing around Monday - I would like to get the same bolt as is already included, but I realise that may not be possible. Thanks
  13. I have put a long dovetail on the ST80 so I can attach it to the mounting rings on the ED80. I am using the camera mount bolt on one ring and need another of these bolts for the other ring-can anyone advise if I can just buy these camera mount bolt to go into the other ED80 ring and where?- Thanks
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