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  1. I dont mean to dampen everyones spirits, but i've just checked and its gonna be cloudy with the possibility of heavy snow that night.....
  2. Right, I am veering back towards the Heritage 130p after giving it some thought. From what I've read it is relatively cheap, compact, easy to use and with a 2X barlow and eventually better eyepieces, it will provide my dad with plenty of good views. If he wants a bigger, better scope down the line then it will have done its job and got him hooked!
  3. Thanks for your responses guys, I am thinking maybe the heritage is a no no? nightfisher - I have considered the 150p dob, my only concern was the size of it, I dont want to overwhelm him with something too big? Matt Scunthorpe - He is early 60's so not over the hill just yet, I think he would definitely be impressed with lunar/planetary stuff, but also dso's as well if he had something to view them with. I dont really know what he would choose. I remember him having binoculars when I was a child and enjoying craters on the moon and seeing jupiters moons etc. but ideally I would get him someth
  4. I want to get my dad a scope for his birthday as he is always jealous of mine and what I get to observe. I want something that he can look at a bit of everything with and was thinking of maybe a skywatcher heritage 130p? Most reviews I read say it is a good all round beginner scope but some say it is a bit flimsy, so for £30ish more I could get him an explorer 130p. I know the latter is not going to be as compact and quick to set up, but having not used either one would be interested to hear what anyone else can advise me? Any other suggestions at a similar price range also welcome. Cheers.
  5. I quite like 'How the Universe Works' there's been a couple of series I think and amazon sell them.
  6. Thanks, I've just ordered one of these adaptors, I was just was wondering if at some point I was to upgrade and get myself a Baader Neodymium filter, could I use that along with the built in IR filter in this adaptor or would I need to get a filterless adaptor to use that with? i.e. am i restricting myself by buying this one? Probably a silly question I know!
  7. I used them to get my 8SE. Good price, good service and they threw in batterys and a 230V power supply, so would definitely recommend!
  8. This adaptor looks the same but has IR filter built in and postage is a lot less. Any good?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Webcam-Adaptor-to-Fit-1-25-Eyepiece-Tube-Holder-with-Built-in-Filter-Brand-New-/140902831473?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item20ce769571
  9. Cool, thank you tingting. Will download that now and have a look. I know I also need to get an adaptor for the webcam to fit it to my scope, are they all pretty much the same quality or is there a particular one that I should go for?? Also I have read other posts where people have needed to attach a 3x or 4x barlow and IR/UV filters as well. Will I need these with my Nexstar 8SE as well?
  10. If any fellow Nexstar 8SE owners have had a go at imaging then I would be interested to see your results. If you have some you can post then please do!
  11. As the title suggests, following peoples recommendations on here I have got hold of an SPC900 off ebay for £84 with which to start on my astrophotography journey. What else do I need now regarding software etc. I'm not really sure what to do with it when it turns up so any advice would be good!
  12. Out of interest does anyone know how something like the DFK21AU618 compare to the Neximage 5 solar system imager?
  13. Thanks, I've had a look to see if there are any of the philips webcams you recommend anywhere but not found any!! I also followed the link to the First Light page but their cameras all look the same to me (apart from the prices!) what sort of specifications should I be looking for?
  14. I have never tried astrophotography before and would like to have a go at getting some shots of Saturn when it reaches opposition in April. I have a Celestron Nexstar 8SE and a Revelation eyepiece set which I think contains some sort of camera adapter?? My dad has a few cameras so was hopefully going to be able to use one of them. I know the mount my scope comes with is not the best for imaging but I was hoping it would be ok for planetary stuff? What sort of camera/set up would you reccomend, and are there any other tips you guys have and what I can expect to capture (clouds probably!)? Thaks
  15. Well finally after over 2 months of waiting I have been offered a place on this course!
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