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  1. You hold a jug vertically as you do an aerosol can. Lying a jug on its side would mean it was horizontal and therefore release its contents. As for aerosol cans, it matters not how you hold them you will always expel propellant along with whatever other agent is in there. Not only that but due to the fall in pressure when using aerosol cans you will get water vapour expelled too.
  2. As above. looked at their website and all the information regarding their wheel has gone. I need the software and cant see anywhere to download. does anyone have any links for the software or have it on file for me to upload. many thanks
  3. Just to throw a curve ball into this. The new Skywatcher Star Adventurer has just been released andshould be considered. At 299 for the full astro setup its way cheaper than its competitors. St4 as standard, simple to use, and you only need a camera and a decent tripod and ballhead. Its versatile enough to dual mount a small tracker and your imaging device. It has a good quality built in polarscope too.
  4. You might want to take a look at the skywatcher sky adventurer before committing. I've just bought one and its a nice piece of kit advantages are cost. At £299 or less it is cheaper by far than the iptron vixen and other so.ilar products. Add to that an st4 guide port an polarscope as standard it is a complete package.
  5. Just bought one, build is nice and sturdy very well laid out and looks easy to use. Not used it yet as I'm sourcing a suitable tripod and ball head mount. One downside I can see already is it doesn't look like you can polar align with the camera attached. Am going go play with it later today and I'll give some feedback on its ease of useh
  6. I'm in the same boat as you but my cash is smaller, although I already have my scopes. I'll use my Ikharus for my guide scope mounted on my Skywatcher, or Orion (when I get more experienced), and the same QHY5 as my guide Camera. I have a Tru Tek filterwheel so now just need a good beginners camera. DSLR wise I have a Canon 350D and a Sony Alpha 100 both are unmodified and to be honest don't really want to go that route anyway. So, I've decided on the Atik Titan mono. At around £475, that to me represents good value for money as a starter camera which, when I upgrade will make an excellent replacement to the QHY5 as a guide camera.
  7. Brother in Law has one. He swears by it and keeps trying to get me to buy one. Very nice... very expensive
  8. Then it does sound like they aren't adjusting inwards enough and nothing wrong with the optics. Not much you can do i'm afraid. I must admit I have a fairly small head and my eyes aren't wide apart but i've never had a problem finding a pair that works for me. I must admit though, I always have bought new and tried before I bought. I do have a small pair of Olympus Bins I no longer use that you can have. They aren't mega powerful and they are ageing but they're ideal for someone just trying out. They're very similar to these and I believe they ar the same power. Olympus - 8x25 PC I John
  9. That's standard practice for the vast majority of Bins. General focus to sharpness with the central knob then fine tune with the eyepiece until you have comfortable vision. When you view through them do you see one circle or does it look like you have two circles overlapped? If it's the latter then yes, maybe your eyes are too close together for the particular bins you have and so can get them to adjust in far enough. However, if you do see a single circle through the eypieces then it sounds more like a collimtation problem and not the adjustability of the bins.
  10. I had 2 pairs from Widescreen centre and although purchased based on trying the shop model, both of mine when i got them home were out of collimation. I thought I was on Tatooine as I could see 2 moons. So, although the views, in my opinion were excellent in a working pair, I have to say I felt they were way too fragile. You get what you pay for, as they say.
  11. I think you got a bargain. As i've researched, and a pair usually costs about £3500
  12. Not having followed this thread but being a regular user of Ebay, it's a common practice for sellers, that if they feel an item won't reach the figure he has in mind, and there's more than 12hrs left on the auction he can remove it with no penalty, only the original listing fee. This is actually cheaper than using buy it now listings, especially if he has listed the item on a free listing day. Even on free listing days you are charged for buy it now auctions, so this was obviously him deciding he was going to lose out.
  13. One of the bidders is appropriately named T**t add the other letters yourself
  14. The optics are atrocious, grainy and blurred, the mount is equally as bad, cumbersome and awkward. He did Ok how about fastening it to some large chinese fireworks and sending it into close orbit, maybe it can rival Hubble if there's no atmosphere for it to worry about. It won't work of course but you'll have great satisfaction watching it disintigrate from 200 feet
  15. This was at 7.30pm too but South, but it didn't look like it was moving and when it faded there was a light about mag 4-5 in its place and also didn't look like it was moving either. However it wasn't twinkling so I agree, possibly an Iridium flare.
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