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  1. shellfish


    Lo and welcome....... dose this mean your responsable for the SNOW outside Harumph lol
  2. No sujestions from me... just requests... plenty of picks pls good luck and keep us posted
  3. Don’t worry. As long as Grunthos doesn’t start reading poetry to us we'll be ok :DB)
  4. I'm feeling what your saying Paul LMAO
  5. No idea what your talking about fella but It never ceases to amaze me how people think there efforts are lacking. I think both of the images are fab and if this is how you start posting I can't wait to see more. Keep posting I think there all great :)
  6. could have been somthing alot closer to hme like a bat just over head??????
  7. looks like a great start and a master plan... good luck
  8. lol brill:) personal observational discoveries on me 60 mm. just need to save for a big boys toy now lol Thanks again
  9. WOW fantastic image can even see some of the detail on the Dorsa Smirnov in the Sea of Serenity
  10. lo I spent a good hour last night looking at this and the pic looks great. I'm just starting to learn the names and was able to pick out the Picard crater and many others. Realy like it
  11. shellfish

    Hi everyone

    lo and welcome
  12. I realy love the reflection in comparison... one of my fav images
  13. Man i gota get me camra out and play with it more.... Thats great
  14. As the title sujests it might be me lol. I only have a small 60mm refrac scope so cant see alot but was looking at Venus on monday night and it looked like I was only seeing hals of it. Is this like the phases of the moon and Is that what I'm supposed to see????? All answers welcome pls
  15. looks good. keep at it and keep posting them
  16. Not sure who looked up tonight at twilight but I love to see how earley I can spot Venus and Jupiter and so was looking up earley and noticed what an amaving colour of blue the sky was just after sunset.... Hope you saw it too
  17. OOOOO I love reading about projects... Plenty of pics at all stages please... good luck and fingers crossed :)
  18. I think this should help you all........ Don’t worry I'll sacrifice myself for you all....... . . . OK I AM NOT GOING TO SORT ANYTHING OUT FOR TONIGHT AND AM INSTEAD GOING TO THE PUB FOR A PINT....... Sorted you lot should have clear sky’s now lol.... you all owe me a pint if this works LMAO :):)
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