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  1. Smashing stuff, thank you! I've emailed Rother Valley, who are not playing ball, as I've had the bins for over a year now.
  2. Hi there all! I'm not too sure what the actual piece is called, but the left eye piece seems to come off when trying to focus, and it's rather difficult to put back on, I bought them from Rother Valley, and they said it's how the bins are made, is this true or are they telling porkies? I've included a pic to help. Thanks and regards, m12
  3. I'm getting annoyed with the stock finderscope, so I just bought one from FLO this morning after my 2 hour obs session, I cannot wait to try it out. The SW 9x50 RACI to replace the current finder is next Regards, m12
  4. Apologies, I've got a Telrad on the way. Cannot wait, getting rather tired of aimlessly pointing the finderscope at "something shiny". Regards, m12
  5. I've always loved science since primary school (which carried on to secondary, college and finally university). So my interest stems from there, it was only helped further by S@N and Sir PM. It may sound rather fatuous, but I believe we collectively are all in a very privileged position, we have seen things that I'm sure 95%* of the world population cannot even comprehend, let alone read or see pictures of. Regards, m12 n.b. *a totally made up statistic lol.
  6. For observing my top two are: TLAO and Illustrated guide to astronomical wonders...both fantastic books! For general readying, Universe by Kaufmann I find very interesting. Regards, m12
  7. I've just come back in now...best obs session of the year for me Picked out the Ring nebula and the Hercules cluster, I was hoping to see the Whirpool galaxy, but I just couldn't find it (Come on FLO, get the Telrad back in stock! ) Regards, m12
  8. Yesterday was the first time I've seen Saturn with my current scope, and what a sight it was indeed! We've got lovely clearly skies all night tonight...
  9. I've just come back in too, only a quick 30min session, moon and Saturn done. Showed Saturn to my dad, who's jaw quite literally dropped! Have a nice long session tomorrow... Regards, m12
  10. This video was posted not so long ago (I cannot remember who by) but it was very helpful. I personally hold the chart above my head, with the cardinal points in their respective positions. Regards, m12
  11. Sounds rather stupid (and it is!), but I'm struggling getting stars in my finder scope. For what ever reason, I look at the night sky and I cannot seem to get what I want in the finder scope and I end up wondering around in a rough area, hoping for the best. For example, tonight I was hoping to get various M-objects and I found Alkaid in Ursa Major with the naked eye, but I just could find it in my finder scope...so I gave up on M51 and M101 I've had some luck in the past, but it is rather spontaneous. Are there any tips, or am I doing something wrong? Regards, m12
  12. SkySafari+ and Sky Walk for star chart app Scope Nights and Sky Harbinger for astro weather. There are a good 18 other apps, but the four above are the ones I use the most. Regards, m12
  13. First clear skies I've seen in awhile! Hopefully get around 4 messiers tonight. Scope is cooling down as we speak, day off tomorrow and the Glenmorangie to keep me warm. A perfect Sunday by the sounds of it! Regards, m12
  14. I use mine quite often, something "special" about using it, especially with all the tech readily available to us nowadays. Regards, m12
  15. It's a nice simple app, and worth getting IMO, however alongside Sky Safari, which is far more in depth. Regards, m12
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