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  1. Amazing video. Sorry if already posted, I could not find it when using 'search'. The Known Universe by AMNH - YouTube
  2. It's all very friendly in here! Thanks again. Just been out looking at Mars as it's a little higher to the west. I had to go re-check Ganymede & Europa were still there as still can't believe my eyes! Bins are Brilliant, some things I've seen tonight for the first time. Beautiful clear skies looking south. It truly is incredible what is out there.
  3. Ok, so I have a Nikon D60 with the standard VR 18-55mm lens and tripod. These were taken from my back garden in Wiltshire on 16th Jan 2012. Orion Pleiades This pic shows the light pollution from Swindon when I look North. I was pleased with the pics but is there anything I can do to make them better (i.e. longer exposure)? I'm a total newbie at this.
  4. I got my Celestron 15x70 bins today. Where I agree, they are a little heavy unless you have a tripod, I would definetly recommened them. For my first pair of bins they have blown me away. I'm no expert though I must admit! I paid £58.99 + £4.00 post.
  5. I can see the Seven Sisters with the naked eye tonight no problem but the moon is only just to the left of Orion and is kinda bright. This just gets better... my tripod (CAMLINK TP-2500) for my SLR fits the adapter to my bins, albeit the adapter is a little on the shakey side. I have to say I have found me a new hobby!!!
  6. Thank you for all your 'hello's' already!
  7. Absolutely. It was almost surreal. I'm only able to get out in short bursts tonight as its already -5 here.
  8. Ganymede and Europa!!!! The first time I have seen any of Jupiters moons with my own eyes in real time.
  9. Downloading now, will check it out! Thanks.
  10. Thanks people! And thanks for the binocular link. So I have just used my bins and I'm BLOWN AWAY!!! Not only was my view of the moon amazing, but also I had a look at Jupiter and I'm pretty sure I saw 2 of Jupiters moons (Not sure which ones mind you)!
  11. Hi to all at SGL! I registered today after my new Celestron Skymaster 15x70 Bins arrived this morning. I've always been fascinated by the night sky and since Stargazing Live & Brian Cox's 'Wonders' series last year I had to get myself more into astronomy. I currently have a Nikon D60 SLR camara and have just started to photograph the night sky. I'll post some pics as soon as I know how to! So with the arrival of my new bins I'm looking forward to being part of a new community! Now... cloud, go away!!! Speak again soon. OTB
  12. ^ Is there a LP map for Wiltshire? I'm approx 5 miles from Swindon. If I look North the LP is huge. If I look south it is vastly improved. I'm thinking of going another 5 miles further south for darker skies. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I'm on the Avex site. Which is very helpful.
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