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  1. Worthing Astronomers are an online group with FREE membership. To join visit worthingastronomers.org.uk . We hold BBQs, provide a newsletter, offer a regulary updated website, star parties and sidewalk observing to bring astronomy to the attention of the public. Although called Worthing Astronomers, we welcome members from any other areas who wish to join. Jan Worthing Astronomers worthingastronomers.org.uk
  2. Removed: Jan Please Pm me for details Thanks Ant
  3. In reply to Mr Ed, the telephoto shots were done by Brian. I had the other camera (s), to do the wide angle shots so I wasn't being idle. Jan
  4. DOH!!!!!! :shock: "..........looking at a person's shadow, the left side was clearly in focus and well defined, the right blurred and after totality this was reversed". :oops: SHOULD HAVE READ :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: ..............the left side was blurred before totality and the right in focus.............I'm still suffering from jet lag, is my excuse and sticking to it! Jan
  5. Thanks for the comments about the pics. Sorry to learn that many of you were clouded out here in the Uk for the partial. We were just fortunate (Explorers Travellers Party), some of our counterparts encountered more cloud than us even in the desert way out in China. No picture can show what its truly like, this is my third, my first in 1999 was clouded out completely except for a few brief moments around tolality (from France), my next was in Libya in 2006 and now this one. August 1st did not have any sign of the fabled shadow bands that were so prominent in Libya, but the eclipse wind was present. It was late afternoon/early evening where we were which may have prevented the appearance of the shadow bands. Something that was really noticable was the effect of our shadows. Before totality, looking at a person's shadow, the left side was clearly in focus and well defined, the right blurred and after totality this was reversed. Something we certainly had not noticed before and I hope the picture included here shows it up enough. Jan (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  6. Hi everyone Here are some shots of the Total Eclipse of the Sun, :hello1: taken from the fringes of the Gobi Desert in China. Cloud obscured first contact, but it soon cleared and we were able to see an unbroken view of the view. The duration was supposed to be 1 minute and 50 seconds, but I don't believe it, it went so very quick! These views were taken with a Canon 300d with the standard lens. No planning, I just clicked the remote at random and got my best shots of an eclipse ever. I will post some telephoto shots taken with our other camera later. :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: Jan (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  7. Just want to thank Trev and Robin for the idea of setting up Adur and mentioning here on SGL. Today, I noticed a post from an old Brighton member now residing in Scotland. You guys have already done well by bringing together, after over 20 years, two good friends! SGL certainly works. Thanks and many cheers to Adur and SGL. :sunny: :hello1: Jan
  8. Jan

    Just To Say Hi

    Having joined the SGL last week I thought it was time to say Hi. My thanks go to Trevor and Mr Ed for introducing me to this forum. I live on the (sometimes) sunny south coast of England and am currently treasurer of our local astronomy club. I have been interested in astronomy for most of my life, it was encouragement from my father who had a more than passing interest in the subject and like many others of my age group, the moon landings, which got me started. At the time of writing I own a small refractor, binoculars and a Canon 350D with a telephoto lens so viewing is limited, but as my partner and myself are currently in the throes of moving into a place with a large garden, we hope it will be very soon when we have a decent instrument in an observatory!
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