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  1. Thanks again for all the welcomes The 8mm BST Explorer arrived , very good service from Sky's the limit. Its currently snowing so not sure when I'll get chance to try it out, I'm hoping it gives noticeably better results than the stock 9mm EP. Its physically much bigger and looks very well made. It came very well packaged and even came with a cleaning cloth.
  2. Thanks, I was a little quick and ordered an 8mm BST I'll probably get a 15mm next. Will have a search around for a GSO 32mm Plossl. All advice is much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys. Nice to see theres a few other Mansfielders on here, a local group meetup would be good sometime, must look into it Well soon as I set the scope up outside it clouded over , I managed to get a brief look at the moon, the 9mm EP seemed a little soft compared to the 25mm one. Its now way to cloudy to see anything tonight so will try again tomorrow. Couldn't resist so ordered a 8mm BST from Sky's the limit , be interesting to see how it compares against the Celestron EP
  4. Hi All, Thought I'd pop in to say a big thanks to this site along with all the posters for all the great info and advice. I've been browsing the net to give me some idea's what to get for my first scope,something not too large and suitable for bringing along when we go camping. Anyway I settled on the Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT which I brought from Rother valley optics on Saturday. I thought this was a great shop with excellent service! I wanted a travel case so had a look in the local Maplin, the most suitable thing I could find size wize was a large flight case Large Storage Case : F
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