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  1. Thank you all for your comments Best regards - Dave
  2. Hi, Has anyone used a Celstron Skyscout personal planetarium? I was looking at buying one to help me navigate around the night sky (if & when we get some clear skies) Thanks - Dave
  3. Forgive my ignorance but what is HA ? Thank you - Dave
  4. Fantastic images. You must be over the moon with them
  5. Welcome fellow Newbie:hello2:
  6. Know how you feel Donwendy. Had my 1st view of Jupiter earlier tonight. Absolutely awe inspiring:) All the best - Dave
  7. First real chance to use my new 200P Dob and had my first view of Jupiter and 3 of its moons all in line:D Couldn't take my eyes of it for 1/2 an hour! Sad i know but i thought it was great:) Just need to invest in some decent EP's. Only have the 10 & 25mm EP's that came with the scope. Cant wait to get back out there now! Regards - Dave
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