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  1. thanks proto star, yes I know i'm in the northern hemisphere, what I meant was the handset asks which region you want to align your stars with. I'm looking to the south so I input southern region.
  2. i'm an idiot !!!!! just sussed out what I was doing wrong. when setting the hand set up, I inputted the date as 08/03/2014,8th of march 2014 when looking closer the day and the month are the wrong way around, it should have been 03/08/2014, at 20:00 on this date it will be still daylight. Not surprising it wouldn't give me any stars to align to. I will know next time.
  3. if I am looking south do I pick the southern region, I think this is correct, I could clearly see Sirius low down and orions belt and Jupiter etc but the handset didn't give me any stars in the 2star list to choose from.
  4. yes I know this but I couldn't point to the brightest star one and the two star alignment said there were no stars in this region to point to ?
  5. I've been out tonight with my sky watcher 130p goto, I couldn't set it up because the hand set said there was only one star to align to but I couldn't see this one because of the house. there were no more stars in the list for my region bright enough to align to but I could see plenty in the sky. I think the handset only lists stars above a brightness of 1.5. what are you suppose to do if you can't align the scope. I have aligned it before in the same place. Is there a way of picking my own stars to align to.
  6. god, so many of these comments sound so familiar.
  7. will make sure i get distilled water for the next time, cheers guys for the info.
  8. maybe its psychological, and i know they say it doesn't matter if the mirror is dusty, but surely if its clean it will reflect the light so much better,either way to me if it looks like new i feel better and i will know that the viewing is as good as i can get, so long as the collimation is ok. It certainly won't do any harm and it can only do good.so congratulations to all who have attempted it and for those who haven't.then go for it.
  9. Go for it digz,it not as bad as you might think,but I know what you mean,I was a bit scared to start it but it turned out OK and the mirror looks superb now,well worth the effort.took me a few weeks to pluck up courage to attempt it.but its really not that hard.
  10. I know what you mean,seems like weeks since we've had some descent skies,can't wait to try it out now.
  11. I finally decided to give it a go today,It was a bit nerve racking to start with and I was sweating like a pig just thinking about what damage could be done if I wasn't carefull.having completed the task successfully it's not that big of a deal and I would certainally do it again no problem.the mirror looks brilliant now so just can't wait for some clear skies to try it out.obviously it needed collimating afterwards but that's not a problem. So for anyone wanting to have a go,research a little bit (a couple of vids on utube were a great help) and give it a go,its not as bad as people make out,just be careful.one more thing everyone says you must use distilled water to rinse the mirror after cleaning but it is difficult to get hold of so I used deionised water and it worked fine leaving no streaks.so good luck and don't be afraid. Just to add,it was the mirror from my 12" dob.
  12. its probably a mixture of all of them but predominently the yellow sodium lights aound here.
  13. i've heared of spectroscopy but thats about it, wouldn't have a clue as to what is involved.only just getting used to astronomy LOL.
  14. Hi there SGL friends. anyone used or has any comments on light pollution fillters. Are they any good or are they a waste of money. Just thought i'd get some feed back before i went and bought one. cheers chris
  15. the detail you see will have a lot to do with seeing conditions not your scope,some nights will be better than others with exactly the same set up.its all down to asmospheric conditions and light polution. keep trying on different nights and you will see better on some of them. As for the size, there's not much you can do about that, even in the 12" dob its not that much bigger but you do get better quality sometimes.Tonight, earlier was quite good,got good views of jupiter so i waited for saturn to show its face but the conditions must have changed and the seeing wasn't good later on. so you never can tell until you get out there and have a look.
  16. hi charlie. i also have the skywatcher 130P. it is a nice scope but you will have some problems with a X3 barlow. the magnification will be too much for the scope to cope with. you would be better with a X2 barlow, people keep saying the eyepieces that come with it are no good but i find them OK, i use both of them in my 12" dob also and they are ok. is your scope on a goto mount, if not, even if you could focus with the X3 barlow you will have problems tracking objects at that magnification.if its goto then it will track quite well. all said, you can't beat good quality EP's but the ones you have will be fine until you get some better ones.hope this helps. chris.
  17. i feel in a similar way to 'thirdway' does, i was really excited when i first started, seeing jupiters bands and moons, mars although not very well and well the fantastic sights of saturn for the first time and every time since, it was something new and interesting, i've allways been amazed by space, the universe and galaxies. i had big ideas as to what i was going to do with my new hobby. i was going to build an observatory with a sliding roof and a warm room and have a nice scope on a pillar all connected up elctronically to my computer. it was only last week i was going to buy a 12" dob. then it hit me. am i willing to spend all this money if at the end of it i'm still only going to be able to see jupiter, mars ,saturn and faint clouds that are apparently nebulae. don't get me wrong i love looking at them but its not enough to keep me going out night after night in the freezing cold.luckily i got these feelings before i had spent a small fortune and decided not to do it. i feel really dissapointed and a little upset that this hasn't gripped me in the way it has a lot of people on this forum because i love to see the sights that hubble sees, but i know i will never be able to see them for my self. i will keep my scope and i will still use it from time to time. unfortunately not all hobbies suit everyone but i'm so pleased i gave it a go. good luck on your next hobby and i hope i will find something that suits me better too.
  18. Hi Dean w i'm in heckmondwike, if you find a dark spot close by will you let me know as i get so frustrated with the light pollution from my garden, great views over huddersfield can see for miles but also get the light pollution to go with it, cheers chris.
  19. WOW, Thanks guys for all your input, all very interesting and helpfull. i've been enquiring about clubs in my area and just waiting for a some replies. still got the urge to get the 12" dob with auto tracking but not goto as i fancy the idea of finding things for myself, sounds more interesting.i'll let you know, so long as i don't get too much grief from her indoors. Thanks again, i love this forum site,its the best.
  20. Just been playing around with the Field of view Calculator<script src="title2.js"></script>. does anyone know if this is accurate, i ungerstand it depends on light pollution and things, but if it is then 12" dob here i come.
  21. thankyou all, very sound advice, think my first step is to see if there any clubs in this area, sure there are, and go visit or join one. thanks moonshane for your input, i'm sure a larger scope would be better. my area too is not so good. lukeskywatcher : i was amazed and delighted with the views of jupiter and especially saturn, and the moon is great but i would truly like to see more, i do understand the size won't be much bigger and i'm happy with that, but i would love to see more nebulae and other galaxies which i don't think i can with what i have at the moment. Themos: i know what you meant, only joking. Pajr777: this is a great program .Field of view Calculator<script src="title2.js"></script> thanks for the link. once again thanks to everyone for your comments and advice, i don't think i'll be selling up just yet.
  22. thanks for your reply's John, i've not had the scope for very long and i use it as often as the weather and work permits, which lately hasen't been too often.the last session was last night. called it a draw about 10pm when the clouds came in. I know i may be expecting too much but if i knew a bigger scope would make a big difference i would be happy to spend the money. And Themos, money sounds not to be an issue to you, so aren't you the lucky one.
  23. Right, here's my predicament.At the moment i have a skywatcher explorer 130P goto scope which is nice, but i'm getting a little bored with just seeing small images of jupiter and saturn , so much so that i am on the verge of selling up and finding a different hobby,i can't see even the easiest nebula apart from a very dim grey cloud in orion and thats on a good night. i don't want to sell up really because i'm fascinated with space and everything in it. Now do i spend a small fortune and buy a 12" dob and a shed to house it in, and will this 12" dob fire up my enthusiasm again by showing me good images of nebulae and descent size ,good detail of the planets or will i be wasting my money. Please help me decide by giving me your advise.
  24. seem to be pretty good for moon shots but really struggling with anything else.
  25. this webcam cost me £3.95 brand new from e-bay, thought i'd give it a go. followed the mod info from one of the threads in diy cameras i think. i wasn't expecting much but was quite surprised, not bad for moon images but can't seem to focus on planets very well, it wasn't a very good seeing sky last night though, the moon blotted out just about everything else.I might have gone a bit overboard in photoshop but i think it gives a nice picture. let me know what you think and please leave any fead back on how to improve.i'm looking to buy a bigger scope and a dslr camera for nebular photography if anyone can suggest a good combination, this is in the future though when i've saved my pennies up.
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