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  1. By my reckoning 250metres of shiplap would need 500 to 1000 nails, depending fixing spacings etc, so there's a good chance you'll club your thumb a few times and bloodstained shiplap isn't a good look IMHO. I can certainly say that using a nail gun for the shiplap will make the job a lot easier and much quicker. I recently built a large timber frame extension to my house an had to use a nail gun for the 9mm ply sheathing (9000 nails approx) so I bought a s/hand professional quality Paslode IM350 gas nailer on Ebay for less than £200 inc delivery and 48mm galvanized ring shank nails which come
  2. Great job on the scope. It looks fantastic.
  3. I also have the Mk111 Hyperion Zoom with the 2.25 Barlow. I use it with my10" F5 dob for lunar, planetary and globular cluster viewing or anything that requires a medium to high power eyepiece and have found it to be an excellent piece of kit. It's not so good for objects that require lower power magnification though (Orion Nebula, Veil Nebula, Andromeda etc etc..) as it has quite a narrow field of view. I'm very pleased with mine and it is almost always used in an evenings/nights viewing. Luke
  4. Me too. So many to look at around Virgo that 4 hours just wasn't enough. Tonight's looking good too and I've no work tomorrow so an all nighter at a local dark site might be on the cards. Luke
  5. I think you'll find it's Bitter not lager.
  6. Hi Martin. I believe that apart from the focuser, the older blue tubes do have the same optics, mirror cell and spider as the newer black tubes. The PDS versions have the secondary mounted a little closer to the primary to allow easier focusing with a camera but have the same optics etc as P and PX models. Good luck with the Dob base build Luke
  7. Hi Paul and welcome to SGL. Good Luck with the astronomy centre. Luke
  8. Thanks James. 18C!!! Positively tropical. That's the same temp as ours. I'm toying with the idea of building a small secure shed out back to store the scopes in which should help with cool down times and free up some space inside the house. 30 mins or less for cooldown is what I'm aiming for. Luke
  9. They've come out well considering the conditions. Certainly better than I managed with my Dob. Just out of interest James, what's the cool down time on the Mak? I'm looking at getting a smaller scope for home and can't decide between the Mak and a 4" refractor (Tal 100RS or similar).
  10. I managed to just see Theta Orionis E on Friday evening from a local dark site (Bortle 5) with my 250PX at around 150x magnification. Anything higher or lower and it just disappeared. I tried again last night from home (Bortle 6) but with no joy. The scope is certainly capable of seeing both but dark(er) skies and good seeing are neccesary.
  11. You probably made the right decision to stay at home Mike. I managed a couple of hours at the local dark site earlier but as you said , the seeing wasn't that great. NELM was about 5.3 so not a lot of detail in the DSO's. Jupiter was pretty good tho. I managed to catch the last third of the transit of Io which was cool.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Grahame. Tickets booked. I was unaware that the planetarium had been replaced. Luke
  13. Hi springbok, Have you tried the Planetarium in Plymouth? Supposed to be quite good by all accounts. It's used to teach mariners how to navigate a ship using the stars just in case the ships electronics malfunction.
  14. I thought the term "Star" was used when referring to the current royal heir to the Kingdom of David (Judea) without having to use a real name as to do so would would incur the wrath of Herod, the man appointed "Ruler of Judea" by the Romans who had conquered the surrounding area a number of years beforehand. As the "Star" had no kingdom to rule and therefore no safe stronghold to reside in, a nomadic lifestyle was adopted which subsequently resulted in the "Star" being described as "wandering". Therefore, the "Wandering Star" referred to in the texts of the time would be a person rather than a
  15. Nice new shiny handwarmer from my daughter. The fingerless gloves I have only work for so long and accurate focusing with numb fingers is a bit like mashing your phone keypad with the palm of your hand and hoping you dial the right number. Bring on the cold clear nights. :grin:
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