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  1. I would go with a Skywatcher Heritage Dob as they are simple to set up, easy to use and have proper optics. The 76mm version is about £50 from FLO whilst the 130mm version is a bit over the £100 at about £135 Cheers http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/page/1/
  2. Thanks guys. I shall be getting one of those soon!!
  3. Wixey's are often referred to on here in relation to Dobs and setting circles. I have a Dob and I am going to sort out setting circles o the base when I get a moment of spare time. However, please could somebody explain in laymans terms, using short words if possible what a wixey is and how it works. Many thanks:icon_salut:
  4. Welcome to SGL I bought the same scope about a month ago and I have been very pleased with it so far. Mine was fine regarding collimation when it arrived but I have got a Cheshire ready for when it goes out. I also bought a fairly cheap moon filter with it which does cut down the glare when viewing but I could live without it. There are free phone apps such as SkyEye and Google Sky Maps which are very useful for the beginner and I have also got some books from the local library. Great views of Venus, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Orion Nebula, Pliades etc so far. My list for accessories is as follows. Turn Left at Orion (LIBRARY GETTING A COPY FOR ME!) 2x Barlow LP Filter You will find that the scope and EPs straight out of the box are great to get you started so don't rush into buying loads of stuff till you have got used to using what you have. Cheers
  5. I am taking my son to play in a hockey tounament near Whitney tomorrow. Small world!!
  6. I dropped into MK library yesterday to renew my kids books and I decided to see what astro books they had in. They had a pretty good range of about 20 or 30 titles but no Turn Left at Orion, which by consensus on here is the best book for the back garden astronomer. I asked at the desk and it wasn't on their list but for 70p they said they would buy it for the library and drop me an e-mail when hey had it in. Result!!!
  7. was i the only one waiting for a punchline [something like old man "you need to collimate that secondary mirror"] The original story is well told and heart warming, I have had similar reactions this week from a couple of passer's by when outside viewing the moon and planets (back garden faces wrong way). However, the above actually made me laugh out-loud (LOL). Loving your work dtr42:icon_salut:
  8. Apollo is where my interest in astro came from, even though I was too young to appreciate it when it was actually happening.
  9. I can't see any Nebulosity around Pleiades where I am. What can everyone else see? Regrettably, all I can see is the rest of the office.
  10. 1. You can't do astronomy straight after getting home from a squash match as you are still sweating for about an hour and the EP fogs up. 2. You can't take a decent picture of the moon by sticking the lens of your Nikon Coolpix up to the EP of your scope. 3. Beer with Tequila in it gives you more of a headache than beer without Tequila in it. Neighbours coming out for a look in the scope eh!!!
  11. You're OK, they don't put much actual coffee in Starbucks. Try a Costa flat white sometime or even brew your own!! "Other coffee suppliers are available"
  12. I am being honest with myself. I didn't realise the other Meisser was there until I looked it up when I got in. I will go back to Orion and bag M43 next time I am out.
  13. Well done mate. I got my first 2 last night M42 and M45. Pretty cool isn't it!!!!
  14. Mrs Squashnut popped out for a quick butchers at Saturn and saw one while I was at the EP last night. Slightly jealous.
  15. What an incredible night last night!!! Bagged my first 2 Meissers, M42 and M45. Orion nebula was just amazing (satellite went right through FOV at about 9.05pm) Pleiades looked spectacular, particularly through the finder scope funnily enough. Moon- jaw dropping Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - All outstanding. Sirius doing it,s best disco light impression. What a brilliant hobby this is turning out to be!!!!!
  16. I was out the front of my house looking at the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Orion when mt neighbour arrived home from the beer shop. We both got something we wanted out of half an hour or so of scope time.
  17. ...Or is there a more sensible reason for him cataloging 40 odd other items before he got around to the Pleiades or The Orion Nebula. I only ask because both of the above were just about visible with he naked eye last night. Answers on a postcard please!!!!!
  18. The SW150 Dob mentioned above would seem to be the obvious choice. I've just bought one and its great and easy to use. Once you are ready to progress to more than lunar photography you will need to update to an Equatorial mount with motor drive to track objects as the earth turns. Cheers
  19. Chris I am literally just up the road (V4) in Two Mile Ash.
  20. Hi all Since getting my scope last week I have been lucky enough to get in 3 good clear sky sessions. I've done pretty well so far lining up the scope and finder, finding and viewing planets and bright stars, tracking stuff as the earth rotates and viewing star fields with the wide angle. I would love to tick a few items off the Meisser list I have downloaded but I just don't know what I am looking for. Last night SkyEye indicated there were 3 M objects near Mars but I couldn't make anything out either with my 10mm or 25mm EPs. I am using a 150P Dob with 1200mm fl. Anybody got any pointers or advice for me?? Cheers
  21. Hi I am just as pleased as you with my new 150P Dobsonian. 3 good nights viewing so far and some brilliant views of Mars, Saturn and beautiful star fields. I am looking forward to the moon coming around again and finding somewhere to take the scope so I can see Venus and Jupiter. I just need to get a bit of help with locating galaxies and I will be sorted!!!!
  22. I have the 150P which has the same eye-pieces and I can see all the planets just fine. Saturn was fantastic last night!! You might went to try downloading Google Sky Maps onto your android or iphone if you have such a thing. It makes identification easy as you just point the phone at the sky and it tells you what you are looking at. Cheers
  23. I just got a 150P Dob as my first scope and have found it very easy to use so far. Putting it together is childs-play if you are OK with Ikea furniture and all you need to do to set it up before viewing is plonk it outside to cool down for half an hour. You will find that you learn the sky quite quickly especially if you use phone apps to help identify what you are looking at. Cheers
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