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  1. Worth watching just for Julia Bradbury!!!
  2. Yes. I used the ones detailed in my sig but still nothing.
  3. I tried too and checked the location of the comet on my Sky Safari app. Couldn't see a thing.
  4. Another vote for the Nexus 7. Entirely satisfied with mine since Christmas. Use it on a daily basis.
  5. I sit in an office and transfer numbers from a spreadsheet to a database.
  6. Ended with 0 bids. That says it all I think.
  7. Nothing dumb about that question. I have done a fair amount of observing and reading about the moon and I have no clue about what the "x" is. Please do tell??
  8. I managed to get out for a quick squint at the moon before extra time in the football. I left the scope to cool till after the penalties but by that time the clouds had rolled in. I had to satisfy myself with the look on Ronaldo's face when the shootout ended before he took one.
  9. !"This is an actually meteorite, I promise it is not a fake. i found it when i was walking in my garden." What are the chances of finding an actually meteorite in your garden!! Hang on though, he has promised it's not a fake so that must count for something surely!! 0 Bids.
  10. I tend to stick to night time mostly.
  11. I watched it with my 12 y/o lad and we both thought it was pretty good. Can you imagine trying to make an hour long TV show about a scientific subject that is appealing, interesting and educating for the hugely wide variety of viewers for the 9-10pm BBC2 slot. In my living room alone there was an 82 year old Daily Mail reading grandma who left school at 14, an enthusiastic hobby astronomer with a science degree, a computer game obsessed 12 year old and a slightly sleepy mum who has a pHD in immunology. We were all fairly well entertained and interested enough to watch the whole thing without s
  12. I once went to Oxford for a hockey tournament on the wrong day. I might have got away with it if I hadn't taken the wife and both kids.
  13. Great pics! Didn't see he transit myself so it's good to get others views. Good to see my profile pic working too for the first time since I joined SGL!!!!
  14. My interest in getting a scope was the direct result of the 'Brian Cox Effect'. I have, however, been fascinated by the moon and Apollo missions for as long as I can remember. I got my 150P Dob in March after saving up and so far I have been very happy with the scope as it came out of the box. I ordered a moon filter and a Cheshire with it but haven't needed to collimate yet. I benefitted from the couple of weeks of clear skies we had in mid-late march and got some good initial viewing in while the 'new scope' excitement was still quite high. I have had great success with the moon and planets
  15. squashnut72


    Hey there all
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