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  1. Hi all having probs with loading atik 420ex on win 8 after 2 hours got my qhy5 to run but can't get atik to do anything any ideas on how to over come pro
  2. Taken with 200p and 450 canon 1min subs only about ten shots with no flats having probs with them.and 2nd one is with ed80 and canon again 1min shots ten subs
  3. Looking at the cams specs the qhy9 seems really good value for money ok yes it has abit more noise but darks etc would sort that out.cooling on it seems good 1770 quid with Lrgb 2" + elec wheel
  4. 314L is good but it's abit old now there's new Modles out now that will out perform the 314 at the same cost.spoken to Bernard at modern astronomy I'm now looking at Qhy 9 or sxv-h9 starlight exspress I think the sxv will be the one il go for been told it a very good cam quite a good wide veiw low noise Cooling is good as well
  5. I'm looking at the atik 383L bundle.filter wheel and Lrgb filters ? The reveiw rates this as a good cam.if anyone using this cam please let me know how they find the performance of it
  6. Hi all,ok I've been reading up on taking narrow band with dslr if I'm right in reading it correct it seems that I'm only using 1 of 4 pixels when using narrow band clip filters ha = 1 in 4 sII 1 in 4 oIII 2 in 4.my first thoughts is would monochrome setting or b/w be any better for clipfilters as it seems like they use 2 in 4 pixels I think. has any one tried it or dose this simply dosent work.any advice would be good I'm thinking of selling my 450d and the 3 filters and making the move to a ccd cam my bugget would be approx 1600 quid if I made the move over to ccd cam.so what's a good cam for
  7. That looks really nice take a look at astrodon tutorial he shows you how to make a clipping mask for each colour so you can change each colour as you please without touching the other colours
  8. hi all i took x4 10min of each ha and oIII before clouds moved in havent done much to it yet just stretchted it abit il add to it next clear night
  9. .that looks good.you can make so many different colours it's fun when you get the hang of it but I'm not quite there yet
  10. ive changed ha to green and sII to red oIII to blue ive found im over cooking pics on other lap top when i put them on my mac colours are well ott mmm not sure why so sorry its over done
  11. well i know its not great but its a start had probs aligning tiffs 1st off had to do it manual in ps a real mere didnt know how much to stretch each band i guess its trial and error.it can only get better.is there a easy way to align 3 tiffs i tryed dss it still added to stack even with the box unchecked .x6 10mins subs of HA OIII SII with eos clip filters
  12. Hi every one I've got a prob I've taken ha oIII and sII data I've stacked them in dss oIII tiffs then sII and ha now have 3 lotts of tiffs I need to align all 3 can this be done in dss or do I need some thing else to align tiffs is there a link also for mapping narrow band to rgb can't find one that seems to show how to link colour to narrowband in ps
  13. Clouds I hate them.fri and sat night is looking good well where I am any way
  14. i know they are not great but im happy to see something at last
  15. hi all i thought id put some pics up now as i seem to be getting some were with ps.ive been hard at it now for a bit over a week now i seem to be making progress slowly big learning curve for me. so colours i know are some what out on some but at least i can see what ive now taken lol most of my tiffs were so dark and only had limited software i could not do much with them so for me its abit of a shock to see some of what ive taken come out
  16. I've just placed a order for the oiii and Sii with modern astronomy today should be here for end of the week
  17. Yer weather not compliant oh well starting to get the hang of ps lots of tiffs to play with.hey gina have you ordered your ha clip
  18. i didnt get many subs as clouds stoped play so theres 15 subs @ 90 sec iso 800 f/d/b
  19. http://dl.dropbox.co...92571/ha.tif. http://dl.dropbox.co...71/colour`1.TIF
  20. thanks gina ive got quite a few subs ive not got round to doing them yet.the filter is deer but worth it i feel il be getting the other narrow band filters at some time i think
  21. i decided to see what i could do with my new ha cilp filter i took 5mins subs of the cresent ,veil,bubble at 800iso i havent got round to stacking then yet but heres what come straight off the camara ive put a tad of brightness on the so you could see whats come out after ive stacked them il put up a link for you to have a go as im not any good with ps yet so you will get more out of them than me
  22. I mean when clutch lock is unlocked as it on free turn it seems to stick after 1/4 turn as it goes past it frees up
  23. Hi all I think I my have a small prob I noticed when aligning last night that when I unlocked the dec thumb lock as turned it it was loose then as it swung round it felt like it was sticking abit is there a way to adjust this I think it's causing me to get star trails on some of my subs
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