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  1. Nicely done! Quite hypnotic actually... I can't stop watching it!
  2. I think it's looking ok-ish at least for Birmingham tonight and tomorrow night (unless it's changed since I last looked, which is likely!) Fingers crossed!
  3. So glad I saw this thread... I've been using my scope for the past 3 months with just the little cap being taken off. I had begun to question the aperture size but just thought "nah, don't be stupid, the whole top doesn't come off". But low and behold my 'stupid' suspicions have been proved right. I feel such a complete idiot for not realising this earlier! Might actually get further with viewing DSOs now! Thanks folks, and to the OP for posing the question in the first place!
  4. There is also some good, although possibly more in depth stuff if you look on iTunesU. Me and my partner are (slowly!) working through a course uploaded by Yale University. There are videos of all the hour long lectures and you can also download lecture notes and exam papers! Much of the maths is way beyond us and the lectures are quite fast paced but we mostly understand the concepts they are trying to teach.
  5. I didn't manage to see it (just cloud and rain in Birmingham sadly!) but what you were probably looking at is the Pleiades cluster (M45), also known as the Seven Sisters. They are very beautiful and always worth a look. I can normally see 5/6 stars from my garden with the naked eye but many, many more through a telescope.
  6. Aw I'm quite sad to see it go too. I got my first scope in early Feb and so Jupiter was the first planet I saw through it.
  7. I've not tried the car park yet but the lay-by is one I think we tried the first time we went out searching for a darker site. It was slowly filling up with boy racer types when we got there so we decided not to hang around too long!
  8. Wow they're really useful thank you! However obviously the amount of use we get out of them will depend on what the weather feels like doing whilst we're there... camping + bank holiday = normally rubbish weather!
  9. Yes. I definitely agree. I posted a thread on here last week about how following the manual for my eq1 mount which came with my 1145p caused me to break it! Thankfully the shop I bought it from was sympathetic and replaced it for me!
  10. I'm heading to Loch Ken (a bit west of Galloway Forest Park) over Easter, I'm hoping for some clear skies (and maybe even Northern Lights?!) I'm hoping we'll be able to set up at our campsite but failing that if anyone has any good suggestions for places to head to for some stargazing, I'm all ears!
  11. I have been to Clent on a few occasions now on the Adam's Hill side. We normally set up camp on the hill just behind the pub so the building shields us from the street lights/security lights. The view to the north isn't much good as although the hill stops some of the LP getting through there is still the orange glow of Birmingham over that way! East and South views are pretty good, although I'm not sure you'd class it as a 'dark sky site' - it's still better than my garden! Round to the west you have trees in the way so it is a little restricting.
  12. Wow... a very productive night! How long were you observing to see all of those? I can spend hours outside without seemingly getting very far, although as a newbie I think much is down to making sure I get more practise (and eventually a better telescope!)
  13. Fortunately a good outcome! They replaced the mount there and then, no questions asked and also took the time to give me a demo of how it should be used as opposed to what the manual tries to imply in the paragraph I posted originally. I don't expect it to happen again but I think I'll be fixing it myself next time if it turns out to be a running problem with mounts. Thank you all again for the advice
  14. I was the moon at about 7.30pm. It's probably the newest I've ever seen it. Sadly didn't get the scope out until it had set behind the trees :-(
  15. Thanks for the replies all. We're going to take it back to Sherwoods in the morning to try to get it repaired/replaced. Hopefully they'll be ok about it. It's called the altitude adjustment in the manual and goes between 0-90 degrees. The top of the screw came off just when hand tightening it, straight out of the box the 1st time we used it. We now have to use pliers as a result.
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