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  1. Hi Spec-chum! I took delivery of a 15mm BST yesterday and (incredibly enough) had the opportunity to use it to take a look at Saturn last night. On this first and brief viewing I found it a very impressive eyepiece for the price. Enjoy yours when it arrives!
  2. Hello Vince and welcome to SGL! I too had one of those same department store scopes, but it took me slightly less time to get around to buying an 8" Celestron (bought it two months ago, at the age of 44! (me, not the scope!!)). I have been blown away by Saturn, too, and the other objects I've found breathtaking are the globular clusters, particularly M3, M5 and, of course, M13. Enjoy the new scope - I'm sure it's been worth the wait!
  3. Hello David and welcome to SGL!
  4. Those are really beautiful pictures Teva - thanks for sharing them. Looking forward to seeing some more in due course! Welcome to SGL!
  5. How about a CPC 800? I love mine, and the tripod is solid as a rock as far as I can tell (built to carry up to an 11" SCT OTA). It's got all the tracking and goto stuff, and takes very little time to set up. It's also just about on budget (£1,540 on FLO's website). I've taken mine all over the place - the tube/fork mount can be removed from and attached to the tripod very easily and each of the two parts is easily manageable (and I'm a pretty skinny guy!).
  6. Hello Umasuthan and welcome to SGL!
  7. Hello Ralph and welcome to SGL!
  8. Coincidentally I'm off to Legoland today - I doubt I'll see anything as impressive as these constructions though. Having said that, the "Star Wars mini land" sounds promising...
  9. Hello and welcome to SGL!
  10. Great presents, Stu! Are you going to post a picture of the new "Blue Peter" scope?
  11. Hi and welcome to SGL! I visit Houston on business fairly regularly - great city - though I haven't had chance to visit any of the Astro clubs yet. Maybe next time I'm out I'll head along, so do let us know if you find a good group out there. All the best with the new hobby!
  12. ...you never know Stuart. Some of these schools are pretty well equipped these days...
  13. My Mum bought me a pack of Galaxy Counters once, but I got full after the first 100 billion.
  14. Zakalwe - that's the most disturbing avatar I've ever seen. I shall have nightmares for several nights.
  15. Andymarrison

    New member

    Welcome to SGL, Gaz!
  16. Lovely (and well collimated!) scope! Welcome to the forum from a fellow South Yorkshireman (now in exile, in Oxfordshire).
  17. Andymarrison


    Welcome to SGL! I had a long break (20 years) before coming back to the world of amateur astronomy, and I have to say I couldn't believe what's available now in terms of aperture, quality and technology (goto, GPS etc) at very reasonable prices. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun choosing and then using your new equipment. All the best, Andy.
  18. Like others here, surfing the net for potential new kit; reading; watching TV; and running. Fighting angry baboons is also a good way to sharpen the senses for the next observing session, though inexplicably it seems to be a hobby that's not widely pursued.
  19. Thanks everyone for the benefit of your experiences with these various eyepieces. I've decided to go for the 10mm Delos. If anyone leads me further into temptation by extolling the virtues of an Ethos, I'm going to have to insist that they take on joint and several liability for my credit card balance in the event of a purchase...
  20. Congratulations on the first collimation, although I'm sure everyone will be interested to hear if everything still looks just as well aligned when the whiskey's worn off!
  21. ...you've really gone and done it now - I was trying to block the Ethos temptation from my thoughts, but now I think the door's been opened...
  22. Yes, thanks for the recommendation - I'll definitely be ordering that one. I think Jim Lovell wrote an account of the Apollo 13 events called "Lost Moon" or something similar (upon which the film was based), so I'll be looking out for that one too.
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