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  1. Hi welcome to SLG had a peek at your web site very nice love the images nice and sharp .
  2. Welcome Rob to SGL hope you enjoy.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys, could you explain why the other image I put up the same night is blue ?
  4. Well done great shots cloud cover for me i'm afraid.
  5. Thanks for that James I will add the Plieades to my List then. Still finding my way round.
  6. stargazer1960


    From the album: Planetary

    Out of focus I think a bit .
  7. stargazer1960


    From the album: Planetary

    Venus appears blue ?
  8. stargazer1960


    From the album: Planetary

  9. Animation stunning, Saturn never disappoints me .Love the images hope to produce some soon.
  10. HI just posted some photos of Venus and Mars on the last post. This Photo of Venus is on the same night it has turned out blue in this shot, but I can't bring out any other stars in the picture any ideas. Any suggestions why there are no other stars showing up ? Or could this be Neptune, I have forgotten now which direction I was looking.
  11. Hi I have sat down and adjusted with Photoshop CS4 using curves and sharpening and RGB levels. All 3 photos Taken with Nikon D60 - 55- 200mm nikon lens focal length 55 mm F4 ISO 1600 10 sec exposure The Mars photo 180mm f 5.7 10 sec exposure Taken on 14/04/2012 22:38 Venus Mars Any Thoughts on them welcome.
  12. Thanks think I got bit to go yet though. Need some clear skies too lol. Getting withdrawal symptons. lol.
  13. So impressed with the pictures really wow. Will be seeing the moon buggy next then lol.
  14. HI welcome to the forum, have to agree with Luke canons seem to be the astro photography favourite I have just got an Orion web cam still getting to grips with it yet.
  15. HI Nigel nice view of the moon there I use CS4 photoshop but only used it to adjust exposure etc, I have not done any stacking with it yet. Carl
  16. Hi Tc they are fab images I have a long way to go till I am producing images like that Fabulous. !
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