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  1. Fabulous images Fay must be a great experience to see it for real.
  2. Had to say thats very cool well done for your dedication.
  3. Fantastic image love the detail.
  4. Hi your sure in the right location to be able to see lots enjoy and welcome to SGL.
  5. Hi fab effort took me a bit to spot the moons but got them in the end, like the detail can see the bands on jupiter.
  6. stargazer1960


    From the album: Photography

    © CJTrowbridge

  7. stargazer1960


    This Album contains photo's I have adjusted in photoshop or just left them as they are. Thanks for browsing comments welcome.
  8. stargazer1960


    From the album: Photography

    © CJTrowbridge

  9. Hi Simon welcome to SGL hope you have many happy sightings with your scope.
  10. Hi I use this link to check jupiter moon positions quite handy. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/objects/javascript/jupiter#
  11. HI nice shot for first time which eye piece did you use on the scope. ?
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