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  1. Hi John I wanted to aim for a 'go to' scope to track and get some better views of planets, I find with my current scope I am constantly adjusting it to view objects obviously due to the constant movement . I also want to have ago at some photography. Plus they are just with in my budget...
  2. Hi I thought I would put my thoughts forward as I am thinking about upgrading to a better scope, the Meade Scopes have taken my eye and the ETX 80 or ETX 90, any views on these two scopes. Thanks.
  3. Hi I have got these bino's for a christmas present of my Dad they are my first ones read the reviews and it seems they are good to start off with hoping to upgrade my scope soon, hopefully looking at a Meade etx 80 http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Revelation_Premium_20x80_Binoculars.html
  4. Very nice images and thanks for naming the areas the next time I see the moon out I will be checking those out.
  5. Hi I like your images and don't mind the colour they look great . Thumbs up for me....
  6. OK thanks for that for the money I thought it a good buy like you say for grab and go, I was thinking about lunar to start with, would it be good viewing wise for planets ?
  7. Cracking shot it is amazing what we can see up there what scope have you got ? Also how did you take the image, did you use an adapter for the camera ?
  8. Hi Guys just looking for a bit of advice here. I have been looking at upgrading my scope for a bit now and saw this baby it says that it is ideal for photography as well as viewing so would it be possible to get a tripod with a tracking setup to go with it http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Vixen-VMC110L-110mm-modified-Cassegrain-f9.4-OTA.html Regards Carl
  9. Absolutely class shot well done ......
  10. NIce image love the detail.....
  11. Fantastic image of saturn never stops amazing me
  12. Lovely image like the detail nice one
  13. Fantastic Image I stood out and watched around that time and saw plenty in between the clouds but was good.
  14. Some very nice images there not seen saturn for a bit now must make the effort....
  15. Great image like the portrait looking out over the milky way ...........
  16. Nice Image have'nt got to see saturn this time, having regrets now.
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