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  1. I was observing last night from my back garden and saw the ISS go over watch it go past Jupiter, then moved the scope to Jupiter and noticed as soon as I got it in sight, a black spot moved across Jupiter. Could this have been one of jupiter's moons ?
  2. You have been been lucky there mark every time I look out there are clouds. Lovely image of the moon.
  3. Well Shaun the research done by the missus has come up with this we think it was the Aristarchus Crater looked it up on google and wikipedia come up with this. http://www.universetoday.com/92188/lro-lets-you-stand-on-the-rim-of-aristarchus-crater/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aristarchus_(crater)
  4. Ok will look into that thanks for info.
  5. Thanks Shaun I have never reported anything so where do I go to report it ? Me to Jem thick cloud no chance tonight.
  6. I had the same conditions last night and was viewing the moon through the bins, and noticed a very bright reflection in the southwestern section of Oceanus Procellarum it was as if there was light reflecting off of something can you or anyone else see it. ?
  7. Hi was wondering when the actual dates are not seen them yet, while I have been browsing through the thread.
  8. I have a pair of 20x 80 Revelation bins and have been impressed with the views I have had of the moon and also the orion nebulae. As for jupiter I have seen the four moons also very very faint indications of the bands, but still impressed with them. As for collimation not looked into that, so anyone who has the same ones have you had any issue's with collimation and how did you do it , or did you send them away.
  9. Absolute brilliant images...........great job
  10. Very nice images......jupiter is good this month.
  11. Hi Lonestarr ... I to have one of these cameras and so far not had much success, but don't think that is the camera it is just me not having much experience in this fabulous hobby. I bought mine after my partner got me a scope for christmas but it is just a standard scope with standard optics. It is ok to view the moon and jupiter, and I have seen saturn. As for the camera, I have when I first got it, managed a short video of saturn and the moon but had no luck with it, but again I think it is me not having enough experience. So I will follow this topic with interest. Clear skies have been co
  12. Hi, I have just come in myself from viewing in between the clouds Jupiter is showing well have seen the four moons and caught a glimpse of the bands with my newly acquired eyepiece 32mm also a Barlow 2.5 X. Think I am due to upgrade my scope.... Still excellent seeing though.
  13. I like that very much great detail and very lucky with the red aurora....fabulous image....
  14. Excellent Image I like the crisp detail....
  15. Thats a nice image for your first try........well done you will learn lots on here...
  16. What a cracking image you got there...... excellent !
  17. Wow that is a great image for first attempt I like the fact that Alnitak is so bright it makes it a very cool image......
  18. Yes I will have a look at that as I want to think forward to looking at deep sky aswell this is the trouble with this hobby you want to see everything but it is not as simple as that......I will take your thoughts onboard ... Thanks John.
  19. Thanks Jules for your suggestion I will look at that to....
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