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  1. Nice job done there My copy of the book arrived yesterday, does look like a good book. Just waiting to give the information a try.
  2. Again another reasonable theory. The universe is still young though so any of them could be true
  3. Looking at the specs of the ones that actually bother to give actual specs they all seem to be in the 7-8Ah range. A Yucel alarm system battery of 7.4Ah costs about £12 so 2 of them in a large plastic box with a couple of cigarette lighter sockets would be slightly less but then it would have twice the capacity and you could add 6V output as well. EDIT: But not from Maplin Have you seen how much they want!!!
  4. We might well go but may be setting off from elsewhere so on THIS occasion we wouldn't be able to share. What time is the meet up and where exactly is it?
  5. Its about 35-40 miles from Preston so doable but probably not too often
  6. Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that either.
  7. I'm surprised they don't offer one as an option
  8. This link might be useful to you: TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE Basically you can click on several of the EQ mounts and it compares them, showing you the differences. EDIT: DOH! I had the window open and the courier just arrived with my new ST80 By the time I got back to the computer lots of other replies have happened but I didn't refresh the display.
  9. There are a number of "end of universe" scenarios. The big crunch - Where everything shrinks back and it then possibly explodes again in another big bang. Another alternative is that as the universe stretches out then all matter will stretch out with it and at a point in the future all energy will be evened out as molecular energy with too large a distance between every particle for any interaction at which point the universe will be dead. Then you could come up with other theories, however silly, such as all the black holes will continue to grow as galaxies collide and stars fall into them then black holes might merge and we might end up with one giant black hole - sorry just came up with that as an example
  10. I got the complete "The Good Life" for Christmas but saved it because I knew I would be stuck in bed so Just watched series 2 today There are definitely some brilliant older series in their back catalog.
  11. I found this site: Heavens-Above Home Page remember to put your location details in then select ISS. I've not used this but found it whilst browsing.
  12. The castle was quite dark but it was bad enough carrying the Lencarta Safari lighting system up there let alone the scope and all the bits. Finding somewhere though is going to be a priority.
  13. Oh and for harassment there need to be two separate incidents (hence being harassed) so sending one message isn't
  14. Here is one I had arranged a shoot with some new models in Liverpool castle near Bowland reservoir and we met on the road over the water. Just stuck the camera on a tripod with a 30 second exposure.
  15. Star party sounds good. There is a side road that leads up towards the aerial that is quite dark and on the opposite side to Bolton which is where I saw the milky way. Over towards the reservoir it can be reasonably dark at night. Let me dig out a pic........
  16. Just looking for this information myself. I guessed trough of boland although the only place I have seen the milky way across the sky was up towards winter hill after an hour or so getting used to the dark and on a very clear night. I'm still waiting to try my scope out but those were my two first ideas.
  17. The thing is, he is unlikely to sell it and even less likely now. Nobody on here would ever have bought it but what he is looking for is someone with money and no sense. There are plenty about but like I've said I doubt he'll get rid.
  18. I don't think he is too happy about your contact and has updated his advert. I think that the update had probably removed all chance of selling it though
  19. Wow! Simply stunning image. This is the type of image I aspire to........
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