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  1. That's gorgeous Mike - really dramatic. I love sketching the terminator as you get the bits that appear to float in the darkness. 15 minutes - speedy work too!!
  2. My last few observing sessions have been accompanied by hedgehogs - the noisiest night time creatures I have ever come across! It can be unnerving to hear then at the end of the garden, then slowly circle around and appear behind my chair - so close that I couldn't see it as it was under my chair Though I suppose bats approach silently...
  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to post sketches on here - really pleased I did
  4. Beautiful - it captures the almost glowing light.
  5. Thanks Mike - I was thinking of your 'sketch the Messiers' project the other day - I must try that, your work really inspired me to give sketching a go! I've been sketching about a year and it's fair to say that it took a while to get a technique, but I really enjoy it, it makes me look so carefully and all sorts of details pop out that I'm sure I would miss otherwise. I would have liked to do far more with this sketch - going to have to give the bushes a serious trim!
  6. Thank you, that's a very nice comment I would have liked it a lot more finished, but it was well into the tree...
  7. Great image! And I sympathise with the tree issue, I've just been battling ours to get a decent view of the Moon. Loppers are coming out at the weekend...
  8. A not-quite-finished sketch as the Moon went behind a tree. Getting the loppers our at the weekend to deal with that one! Usually I sketch then come back in to consult the moon map for ID - so I am a bit shaky on the identification of this one. Still, it was good to be out and sketching again, and I did enjoy the company of a very noisy hedgehog...
  9. It's a beautiful sketch, you've brought out so much detail. Thanks for sharing
  10. Sketching the Moon with photos.docx I don't know if this will work as I'm not technically minded (main reason for sketching not imaging ) but I wrote an article for my astro club magazine on sketching the Moon - if it attaches and opens, I hope it's useful. If not, I'll write up more details. It's a great way to record what we see Well it works for me - but then I have the original file! Let me know if this is helpful
  11. I have max 12 at my sessions - the 150p dob is great as the ep is about at their eye level, and with a bit of instruction they can easily use it by themselves to find/observe the Moon. I would recommend getting more adults involved to help though - we have 3 or 4 to keep everyone on track +1 for the setting targets/tasks - we use simple Moon recording sheets so they can locate and name craters, make observations and sketches - they can they work as groups around a scope, with one observing while others record.
  12. That is a magnificent image - so sharp and detailed. Love it!
  13. Hi and welcome from me too I run a primary school astro club and the best scope in my view is the 150p dob - as they can all get to the eyepice without having to climb onto a step or grab at the scope. It will also give you great views of the Moon, planets etc. Yes, it might need collimating, but I always do this before the meeting. +1 for getting your local club in too - kids will really enjoy meeting people with telescopes! PM me if you want any further advice, resources etc Sarah
  14. When I bought my last car, I didn't have the scope with me to measure up, so used my youngest daughter lying on her side It was pretty accurate! Car is a Citroen Picasso - big enough for scopes, but largely made of flimsy plastic and strange computer glitches...
  15. Lovely stuff Mel - and yes, it was a great evening, very enjoyable
  16. Beautiful detail of the crater basin
  17. Thanks for all your kind comments - I really appreciate them Will try to photograph more sketches to post soon.
  18. That's a really good tip, thanks. Not very technically minded (that's why I sketch!) but I'm sure I could manage that
  19. Hi all, I have always enjoyed looking at the work on this part of the forum and have just plucked up the courage to share one of mine Inspirational posts here encouraged me to try too - and it's taken a while to work out a technique that works for me. I'd love to hear what you think - especially tips to improve! I use pastel pencils (black soft charcoal) on black paper. Thanks for looking, Sarah
  20. That's a beautiful mosaic - wow!!
  21. That is an absolutely stunning image!! Now thinking of taking up solar observing beyond white light...
  22. Great film Love the way Robin changed hat part way through.
  23. Hello and welcome Answers to all your questions here - I should know, I've asked plenty!!
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