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  1. Ok i suppose, when you going back to do it properly!!!? :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: You know me mate only joking!!! Cool blue!!!! PC
  2. Thanks for the kind comments guys, if it wasn`t for Eddie i don`t think it would be half as good. No Mike no flats, bias or darks used. I cleaned the ccd window in the end!!!! PC
  3. I never tire of seeing M42, its whats great about astronomy!!!! Oh and one of the objects that got me hooked!!!! PC
  4. Don`t try and redo it Anthony it looks brill as it is!!!! PC
  5. Hello, Excellent night last night. Finally called it a moning at 2.30am!!!! Anyway first light for my 80ED/ ART285 combo. 12x10 mins guided using Guidemaster and 66SD/ QHY5. Captured using Maxim and processed by my mate Eddie...... PC
  6. I`m with Steve on this!!!! :hello1: PC
  7. Your on a winner again Mike!!!! PC
  8. It practically taps you on the shoulder at Keilder!!!!! PC
  9. Its actually an f4 TJ. Wish i hadn`t sold it now!!! Great images though mate!!!!! PC
  10. Super stuff Rog, such alot of fine detail in this!!! PC
  11. You need a diagnol for it to reach focus visually.... PC
  12. Great stuff for such a short exposure!!!! PC
  13. £10,000? Secondhand Tak mount (one of the large buggers EM400 etc) TOA130 and a motorbike with the change that way i`d be able to do the 2 things in life i like best!!!! And be away from the wife more LOL!!!! PC
  14. Brilliant Rog, a nice interesting object!!! PC
  15. Thats excellent Steve considering how strong the moon was last night, oh and without a Ha filter!!!!! PC
  16. :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: PC
  17. Your a talented man Mr Deegan!!! PC
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