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  1. Its pretty good, you can see the arms starting to come out.... PC
  2. Well done, no more than you deserve!!! PC
  3. I was tempted by a QHY8 but the gain and offfset plus the icing problem concerns me. I`ll stick to mono for the time being i think. Great first light though!!!! PC
  4. A stunning object and a stunning image!!!! PC
  5. My god is it that time already? Great resolution in this one Tim!!! PC
  6. Still havn`t got rid of the dust motes etc so i just cropped the image!!! Cheating i know but whos going to know? :laughing3: I have reprocessed it though.....honest!!! PC
  7. Hello, Only managed 50 mins worth of subs on this after hours of problems. Atleast it wasn`t a completely wasted night!!! 250PX ART285. Guided via Guidemaster using the Borg 77ed and QHY5. Captured in Maxim and processed in PS. Got dark and bias but still need flats..... PC
  8. Seems everyone had problems last night!!!!! Me Included!!! Thats a cracker Dave !!!! PC
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