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  1. I agree with Rob about the star colours, they are really striking!!!! Its a great shot shot allround mate!!! :hello1: PC
  2. It just amazes me what you can do with an 80mm scope Rob!!! Another top draw and POW worthy image!!! PC
  3. Another great image Les!!! PC
  4. My dream scope!!!! I`d kill for a TOA130!! Oh sorry went of on one there :laughing3: . Thats a nice shot Neil!!!!## PC
  5. Oooh this is very nice. Just love seeing M51 iamges PC
  6. Wow i must get this!!! Fantastic shot Les, which camera/ scope were these taken with btw? PC
  7. Wonderful work as usual Mike. Still waiting to get a night to use my 250px :crybaby: As it was only going to be clear for a short while last night i decided to use the Borg, everything that could go wrong did!!! PC
  8. My god you must tired now!!!!! I know someone else who was out till 5.30am and it wasn`t me!!!! Mores the pity!!! Thats a great image!!! PC
  9. One of the prettiest clusters up there, very nicely done!!! PC
  10. Another night of 100% cloud here again!!! :crybaby: Its going to clear at about 3am!!!! So it`ll be beautiful clear skies when i get up!!! I`m keen and i`ve been known to stay up till 3am on a work day but thats when i can get started earlier!!!! Rest of the week looks pants as well...... :crybaby: :x PC :crybaby:
  11. Actually George i did. I`ve borrowed an M3 dovetail of a mate for abit...... PC
  12. Hello, After seeing Yfrontos latest pics taken with his, and unfortunately not being able to afford a GSO (sorry Bern) i plumped for a 250px OTA (nice and cheap too). Borg 77ed and 66SD piggybacked on top..... PC PS had a minor issue with the EQ6 a few weeks ago but now sorted just in case you were wondering.....
  13. Thats a mighty fine image Mike!!! PM`d ya gain ref Newt.....sorry!!!! PC
  14. Its been the same here Martin (Tamworth staffs). It did actually clear last night and it was crystal but i was stuck in the house as my partner was on a blumming night shift and i have a 2 year old!!!!! Tonights SUPPOSED to be ok but so far nothing!!!!! I keep looking out of the window in hope though!!! PC
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