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  1. Interesting. My thoughts are to have each device (mount, camera etc) to each have a RPi. Each RPi would be connected to a switch. Software running on a laptop would find each of these via Multicast UDP and then interface with them. You could then give them jobs and they would then run. The software on the laptop would be the kind of service broker. All my kit is boxed up at the mo as we keep moving grrr. I'll have to find it and dig it out. Nice to see we have the same mount
  2. Lol, I forgot all about that. A lot has happened since then, such as house moves, building etc. Things have settled down, so I'm revisiting this as side project. Indeed the Java language has progressed leaps and bounds to the point that this would possible. I just can't seem to find any docs to get started.
  3. Yeah I saw that link. But, where can I just download source code? All I seem to be able to download is an .exe file. I'm used to open source projects providing access to cvs/svn or git repositories and then cloning the repository and building locally. This project has nothing like that which I find very strange. This is the reason I'd like to have a go at implementing a pure Java version that will run on anything.
  4. Hi All, I'm pretty new here and would like some advice. My girls are starting to get into astronomy and really love it. I'm completely new to it so am on quite a learning curve (though enjoyable). I'm trying to get to grips with all the software though. I'm from an open source background and am used to have the source for software I use being accessible (like github). I am contemplating trying to write some software in scratch in Java 8 using all the new techniques that I've learnt, such as non-blocking IO, asynchronous streaming etc. What I can't find are specifications for the AS
  5. Nope, not going to touch the Java or .NET implementations as they are under closed source licenses. Basically you cannot have a look at the source . Oh well, I'll have to write my own implementation upon the spec (well, if that is open, I've got to find out). Just to download an evaluation version you have to provide your personal details .
  6. Just spent an hour reading the Whitepaper on the INDI Wire Protocol. That is good stuff. I cannot believe its from 2007 !!! There are even Java and .NET implementations of the wire protocol and library. This could be the underpinnings of the OSGI based server that I have in mind. It can even wrap ASCOM. Well, I have my starting point. Lots to read .... Thanks StuW. I'll keep this thread updated with developments. There is one thing that I cannot find out though, and that is what license INDI is released under. It must be an OSI approved license, otherwise it's a no go.
  7. I agree we have ASCOM now, but it only runs on one platform. I'm investigating this as it's the first project that I'd love to get my teeth into. Also, I'd like to have a remote server based system that can sit in the obsy and remote clients connect in and configure/adminstrate and run the systems connected to it. I'd also like the web based gui and online plugin manager etc etc. This is the stuff I'd like to design into the system. So, connect new hardware, upload new plugin, configure in web based interface and off ya go. I know, this is a bit simplified, but essentially, this is what
  8. I'm just getting into astronomy with my kids and they are loving it. All we've done at the moment is viewing. I've recently started looking at getting into astrophotography, but what I've discovered seems like a real mess!!! There does not seem to be a single specification, spi, set of interfaces for anything. Also, the bit that alarms me most is that Linux and Mac users are alienated big time. I'm a software engineer of 22 years from everything from ZX81 assembler to RPG on IBM AS/400s through Java (my current poison lol). I'd like to redesign the Ascom framework from the ground up. I'
  9. Wow. That's the warmest reception that I've received from any forum. Many thanks guys/gals. I decided to jump in and get some decent kit right off the bat but secondhand, so if we don't take to it, we can sell it on. I'm sure they won't happen as they keep moaning that it's raining lol. I have a Canon 350D and I have the adaptor to attach to the camera and the focuser, so I'll have to play around. I really don't know what all this stacking of frames is though, so I'll have to do some reading. As for EP's, I'm now on the lookout for a good ~5mm for some more high power viewing.
  10. Just got some kit for the very first time. I've had some small scopes as a child but nothing major. Now got the following secondhand: EQ6 mount Skywatcher APO 100ED (upgraded crayford) Altair 15mm EP and William Optics 28mm UWAN EP Got out for the very first time tonight and got some cracking views of the moon and Jupiter. Could clearly see the banding on Jupiter and its moons. So, what other EP's should I consider (or any other piece of kit). I will want to get into imaging, but I've read that that could be expensive. Quite something when your eight year old looks at the moon and says "ca
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