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  1. This sounds interesting....... I may very well be up for this. Rich
  2. Hey Rooster, Get ya ass down to Bakewell, we're open for all... It'll open your eyes to what's on offer out there, if you're not already familiar. Cheers Rich.
  3. I'm afraid it ain't that accessable by train Carl, the nearest station being Matlock, some 10miles away. Where is it you would be comming from ? Rich...
  4. As you'll already know Rigel1, we make everyone equally welcome. You and anyone you care to coax along will make the event all the more... Hope to see you there !! Rich
  5. PSP..... you can start booking if you wanna go.... There will be a new website uploaded (as soon as I can find my admin details; packed in one of me many removals boxes), so visit http://www.peakstarparty.co.uk for site details and booking info. Cheers Rich and Team.
  6. Welcome to the forums matey, get posting your questions! Rich
  7. Welcome to SGL !!! If you want a REALLY nice dob with BIG aperture combined with easy transport.... look no further than either the 12" or 16" Meade Light Bridge.. 12" = 700 and 16" = 1500... I hear that the 16" behaves better than the 12" model, in that it has less stiction (don't ask me why) Rich
  8. Keep plugging away at the OU mate and warm welcome to the boards... Rich
  9. Atik Man

    Just joined!

    Welcome to the boards dude, enjoy!! Rich
  10. New PSP website taking Shape... Should be able to unviel it very soon !! Rich..
  11. Hello and welcome Alan ! You didn't think you could setup new equipment and have the cloud gods see, did you? Rich
  12. Nice image Roy... Hope you don't mind but I tried to remove some of that gradient... Rich
  13. Welcome to the group Tim... Rich
  14. You want charater forming COLD conditions then try PSP... Nov 19th - 23rd ..... I hope to make this Autumns event Kev, you've got some awesome skies when they're clear !!! If I had to grade them outta 10 i'd put em' around 20 Rich..
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