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  1. Thanks for the link Arthur, and a good one it is to..... Yet again I seem to be swimming in a sea of equipment, and trying to decide whats best for me, so as to furthur my success in amateur astronomy. The Telrad does look like the way to go, but theres so many other accessories I need aswell.... Theres a big price difference for the Telrad in the UK compared to US, now why doesn't that suprise me??? Ta Daaa!! http://www.telescope-warehouse.com/product.aspx?itmID=171 (and Bill will ship to the UK competitively priced - tell him I sent you) Arthur
  2. Hi Caz There are published Messier Finder Charts for the Telrad family of finders... http://www.solarius.com/msas/findercharts/messier_objects.html which make finding things a *whole* lot easier. Trust me :shock: Arthur
  3. Ambermile


    You silver-tongued devil you A bit too much to live up to I suspect (I'm lucky in the imaging equipment department is all) but thanks anyway, and thanks all for the welcome. Arthur
  4. Umm - actually, you can... If you aim well enough you can let the planet's gravity slow you down and drop you into orbit around it.
  5. Ambermile


    Hmm. Best I can come up with is one for the CG-5 (EQ4) http://www.astronomyboy.com/cg5/ Should at least get you in the right ballpark... Arthur
  6. http://uk.aldi.com/special_buys/productnl_31.html hth Arthur
  7. Hi Martin. I'm going to assume you are using Registax for this? And also I am going to assume that you do not know about the RGB shift option? (in the WAVELET part of the process - on the far right of the screen) And also I am going to assume that you then do not know it has an Estimate Shift option in the RGB shift? Well, you do now
  8. Sounds like you had some fun there Caz. Have you thought about that "Must Have" fashion accessory for viewing when the Moon is up? An eyepatch will keep your viewing eye dark-adapted until you need it. You could maybe even get one to match the Beanie... Arthur
  9. Ambermile


    Hmm, have to keep quiet about "The Company" But yes, it is pretty interesting I think. Times are a-changing in this area and prices are tumbling. As they should. Arthur PS - how did you find the site?
  10. Ambermile


    Same animation? Yup, the reason is it took me about 3 months to find one I liked and I am *not* about to go through that hell again Arthur
  11. Ambermile


    Hmm - what's to say without advertising OK, having ditched the 12" LX200 last year I got an EQ6/Skyscan which *currently* has an 8" LXD55 SCT, a Megrez II FD, an ED80 and a small guidescope on it - permanent pier in the garden but wireless into the nice warm house here in darkest South Norfolk. I have a number of cameras - from webcams to posh ones. I am an engineer. I am trying to concentrate on DSO imaging, hence ditching the LX, but have just bought an OMC140 and intend to ditch the SCT and the ED80 to make space for it so I can use it for guiding as well as planetary and have the FD for DSO stuff. Anything else? Arthur
  12. Ambermile


    Hi All Just noticed you're all here so thought I'd pop in and say hi. "Hi" Arthur
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