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  1. Well, assuming you have rings for the Megrez you *should* be OK... also I'm pretty sure you can use a camera-mount thingie, did the Megrez come with a "foot" for camera-tripod mounting? Balance should be OK - trust me :)


    PS - get a PP3 battery, when I got my NGC it took a while to figure it out then when I was ready to go the battery went flat on me!

  2. Yes, the dust is in the ota,I noticed it after i screwed the balance rails on! Its mainly fragments of alloy on the correction plate and on the secondary mirror....I've been advised to "let it fall off of its own accord its only static holding it there",But i made the mistake and parked the scope vertical secondary down, Don't fancy messing about in the ota.....Jeff.

    No, the dust bunnies are either on the ccd or the IR filter. Stuff in the OTA will make no difference as it will be too far away to be in focus.

    Nice pic though. Incidentally, mag would be roughly that from a 6mm EP.


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